What would you say if I told you that there is a way to clean out your arteries of all the built-up plaque (cholesterol and calcium) that could potentially block them at any moment and lead to a heart attack? And what if I told you that there was also a way to make your arteries flexible, youthful and healthy again, like a young child’s?

Well in my opinion having clean, flexible, and healthy arteries is one of the keys to preventing heart attack and heart disease, and for living a long and healthy life. If you ignore the cleanliness and health of your arteries, you are like a walking time-bomb as at any moment a blockage could lead to severe heart damage, which may or may not be reversible.

Heart Disease – Our Number 1 Killer!

Without a doubt there is no more significant cause of premature aging and death that heart disease. In fact approximately 70 million people in the USA alone have one or more forms of heart or cardiovascular disease. Often a heart attack will kill its victim instantly without any warning signs. However, in many cases there are some early warning signs; shortness of breath, dull aches in the chest, back or shoulder even and in other cases more severe chest pains. High blood pressure is a very common warning sign that your arteries are diseased and possibly blocked, as this leads to arterial damage and plaque formation.

Coronary heart disease, the most common form of heart disease, affects the blood vessels (or coronary arteries) of the heart. It occurs when the coronary arteries which supply the heart with blood and oxygen, become blocked with plaque causing a disruption in the oxygen supply to the heart muscle cells. This in turn leads to problems such as angina (mild to moderate chest pain) and myocardial infarction or heart attacks (usually with severe chest pain).

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Let me discuss a subject that seems to cause a lot of confusion, cholesterol. If you believe all the hype, then cholesterol is one of the most dangerous substances on the planet and is the direct cause of most heart disease as it blocks your arteries. Correct?

Well not exactly. The evidence doesn’t support this rather simplistic theory that the large drug companies have used for decades to promote their fancy cholesterol lowering drugs. I’m sure you have heard the following statements countless times – “don’t eat too many fatty foods as they contain too much cholesterol’ or “cholesterol is bad for you” or even, “cholesterol causes heart disease”.

Firstly high blood cholesterol is not related to a diet high in fats or cholesterol containing foods. So you can relax about eating fats or meats etc. They will not cause a rise in your blood cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is such an important hormone that your liver will produce large amounts of it every day regardless of how much you have in your diet. Cholesterol is used by your body to make the body’s master hormone pregnenolone, which in turn is used to make all the sex hormones like testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and also DHEA. Cholesterol is also used in all your cells membrane for stability and to enable the transfer of oxygen and nutrients in and to allow waste products to be removed. As you can see, as far as your body is concerned cholesterol is one of its most important substances. So why has it been so vilified?

High blood cholesterol levels have been associated with high rates of heart disease; but an association does not mean that cholesterol causes heart disease – therein is the problem with the medical research.

When there is a crime the police always show up, correct? So does that mean that you can conclude that the police are the cause of the crime? Of course not! That would be ridiculous wouldn’t it? Well that is exactly the ridiculous conclusions that have been made from the research about cholesterol.

Cholesterol the Good Guy

Much research has shown that in fact cholesterol, being such a critical hormone in your body, acts in a protective manner to help repair your damaged arteries. Due to poor nutrition, inadequate vitamin intake, and high blood pressure, your arteries become weak and damaged, leading to rupture of some of their membrane wall components into the bloodstream. This immediately causes an inflammatory reaction as your body attempts to repair this damage. Macrophages (or scavenger white blood cells) invade this area and attempt to mop up the damaged tissues. This is the trigger to arterial plaque build-up. Your body then uses cholesterol and other lipids (lipoprotein A) to help repair this damaged artery.

The higher the level of cholesterol in your blood, the larger the amount that will be deposited in this “repair” site. Cholesterol is always found in arterial plaques because it is there to help repair the damaged arterial membrane after it has been damaged. It is not the cause of the damage to the artery. Without cholesterol the damaged artery would not heal and will continue to leak further.

This arterial plaque is essentially your body’s attempt to repair your damaged arterial wall.

Clean Out Your Arteries – DeZone Therapy

So then what is the best way to not only clean out your blocked arteries, but also to get them healthy and strong so that they never become blocked again?

Well I have been researching this area of health for some time now as it applies directly to anti aging, and I have developed a technique called DeZone therapy, which I believe will go a long way to giving you arteries as clean and as smooth as a baby’s.

DeZone therapy is a medical therapy which acts in two very powerful ways; firstly it will remove all the built –up arterial plaque (cholesterol and calcium plaque) on the inside of your arteries. However it is not enough to just get the plaque out of your arteries. You must heal the damaged arteries to make them strong and healthy again in order to prevent further plaque build-up.

This is where DeZone therapy is extremely effective, as it will then repair the damage to your arterial walls which has led to the plaque formation in the first place. It is this 2 step approach that makes DeZone such a potent weapon in reversing and preventing coronary artery disease, and in protecting your heart for a long and healthy life.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain the details of DeZone therapy, however if you would like to know more about this major breakthrough in healing coronary artery disease please email me at or contact me at the number below.

Dr Theodore is an Australian Medical Doctor now living in Asia. He is the Founder of the Asian Society of Anti Aging Medicine (ASOAAM), and a Member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and the World Anti Aging Academy of Medicine. He is a Lecturer and Trainer in Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Ozone Therapy, Whole Body Detoxification, Natural Health and Healing. For further information on Anti Aging & Natural Health, sms or call him on 08123 6789 949. You can also visit his blog for more information on Anti Aging and Natural Health

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