Smile, Smile & the World Smiles with you!
Plenty of therapy going on around one’s smile these days – it’s all about cosmetic dentistry. Just about everyone speaks openly about their root canal work, laser whitening, veneers, crowns & mouth guards – a trip to the dentist is not what it used to be!

Dr Sucipto (the most well known dentist here in Bali) spent time taking me through the two most popular dental procedures relating to cosmetic beautification with photos. As you see, the results are quite amazing – he & his colleagues work cosmetic dentistry miracles!

As we all know, out teeth become lack luster as we get older, not only with age but with years of drinking coffee & tea, red wine & smoking cigarettes, they can even become discolored with the use of certain drugs.

If it’s purely discoloration then LASER is your first option for whiter, brighter teeth that will certainly enhance your SMILE! Laser will only change the color of your teeth not the structure or shape of your teeth.

Apart from the discoloration factor, you may have a few chips to the enamel or some unevenness, this is where VENEERS come into play – the color & a change in the shape of the upper teeth will undoubtedly perfect your SMILE! By the way, Poloroids are taken for both procedures.

So what is it to be for YOU?? Here’s a rundown on both –

LASER: can only be performed on natural tooth enamel, not on porcelain or amalgam fillings. Dr Sucipto & his team use a product called BRITE SMILE (using laser LED light) this particular product has naturally been tried & tested internationally & produces brilliant results. Firstly, you will need to allow two hours for this treatment (one hour to prep & the second for the actual Laser work) The Laser works are performed by the doctor who will confer with you as each stage (four cycles of whiteness) is performed, in order that you get the shade of whiteness that you want. The beauty with BRITE SMILE is that it leaves your teeth smooth & shiny as before, the same natural enamel. Now, the most important aspect is to carry on a maintenance program so that your lovely white pearly teeth will stay this way for a very long time. As Dr Sucipto has a full lab onsite, they can prepare whitening trays for you to use at home, these trays are like mouth guards which you fill with a little gel, then fit onto your teeth for about 2 hours. How often you will need to use these mouth guards all depends on how much coffee & red wine you drink?! Maybe every couple of months, so that you will keep your BRITE SMILE looking its best at all times. Check out these photos now – do you think your teeth need a treatment?

VENEERS: now this is a very interesting procedure (just take a look at the photos!) Not only the color, but the actual shape of the upper teeth can be changed. A Veneer procedure is known as the SMILE DESIGN & will actually perfect YOUR SMILE

How, you may ask? Well, it’s all about firstly checking the contour of your SMILE LINE particularly the bottom lip (usually it’s the upper teeth that are showing isn’t it, so VENEERS are mostly performed on the upper teeth only. (normally it’s the front 6 teeth that will be treated, but can be more depending on the width of your mouth & smile) the lower teeth are not done unless you smile with your lower teeth showing, so then the lower teeth will undergo this procedure. Also, your top gum profile can also be altered to follow your smile line, which means some work in this area before the actual VENEER work is performed if say you have too much gum showing. Remember, it’s your teeth that support your lips! OK it’s now all go! On your first visit, an impression of your teeth will be taken by the doctor to learn about the condition of your teeth. A few days later on your next visit, they will prepare your mouth meaning that some grinding down of your own teeth (on the sides) will take place in order that there is enough space between your teeth for the veneer material to be applied to your teeth. Then a final impression is taken. At this stage, a temporary veneer is fitted to your teeth until the final stage is performed. The final visit is the most exciting, where the individual tooth is fitted with the veneer material & glued one by one. Each porcelain veneer should ‘fit like a glove’ over your existing tooth meeting the gumline. Check out your NEW SMILE NOW, DON’T YOUR TEETH LOOK FABULOUS!

Today Dr Sucipto continues to study (he has just completed a 1 year Diploma on Implants at UCLA) It’s apparent that he has been provided with extraordinary gifts & talent & has become a recognized leader in his chosen field, where he continues to study overseas on an annual basis. Aren’t we lucky to have him & his practice here in Bali!

Dr Sucipto’s colleagues work with all high tech machines (i.e. the latest ‘Pro Ergo’ microscope by Carl Zeiss) & equipment (i.e. including the Cerec machine which makes crowns for teeth in a few hours) along with the CT scanner producing 3D Xrays. Having their own lab onsite gives the doctors full control of their business providing quick & efficient service.

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Appointments are necessary with general surgery hours, 9am to 9pm daily.

Dr Sucipto’s clinic also provides a well received community service, where every Saturday morning at his clinic, some of the monies taken from any dental work, go to the street kids, orphans, or children that need money for school.

For emergencies, the clinic is committed to responding to a short SMS message to 08123996240. What great service!

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