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Windsurfing / Kitesurfing Club Sanur

Windsurfing club in Sanur to share the passion for this sport. For more information come to see us at Sanur Beach Hotel or visit our web page www.blueoasisbc.com. You can also call for free Wind & Wave information in Sanur at 288 011 extension Blue Oasis.

Yayasan CIMD

Supporting children with sponsorship to continue their education, opportunities for children with learning problems and organizing an extra program available for their friends and all the children from community. Medical programs based on actual needs; efficient and adequate. Reorientation and rehabilitation for persons with special needs. CIMD works closely together with other social organizations. For more information, visit our website www.yayasancimd.org.

Yayasan GUS

Established in 2002, Yayasan GUS is a non profit organization, dedicated to improving Bali’s environment. Vision: Improve the environment of Bali. Mission: Work together with stakeholders to reduce environment pollution. GUS Activites: Beach Clean Up, Education Project, Non Toxic Pest Control, Public Toilet, Rubbish Bins, Environment Movies, Environment Events, Free Consultations. Legian 138 Kuta Bali. Telp. 62-361-759 323. Fax 62-361-767 654. www.gus-bali.org, info@gus-bali.org.

YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusian Ibu Pertiwi)

YKIP is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of all those who live on Bali but with a focus on health and education. Amongst other projects YKIP has established a medical library at Udayana University and together with YKIDS runs a scholarship fund for the semi-orphans from the Bali Bomb. We are also working on a number of projects with local NGOs. For further information, see www.ykip.org or email info@ykip.org or call us on 759 544.

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia / The John Fawcett Foundation

In Bali 25,000 people are cataract blind, but are too poor to pay for an operation. Indonesia-wide, this figure is more than 3 million. Hundreds of children from poor families have cleft lips and palates. Many, many desperately ill children suffer unnecessarily because their parents cannot afford medical treatment for them. Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia helps people in the lower socio-economic group free of charge with sight-restoring cataract operations, cleft lip and palate operations and medical treatment. But we can’t do all this without your support. For information on how to donate, see website: www.johnfawcett.org or contact our office Jl. Pengembak 16, Blanjong, Sanur, Bali. Tel (0361) – 270 812, fax (0361) – 287 707, email: jff@johnfawcett.org.

Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali (YPK Bali) / Bali Humanity Care Foundation

YPK Bali is dedicated to supporting people with physical disabilities in Bali. They have provided physiotherapy, occupational therapy and education for people with disabilities since 2001. Programs operate from their centre in Denpasar as well in villages through a Mobile Therapy program. YPK Bali focusses on those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who have no access to appropriate health services. For more information about YPK Bali and how to support them visit: <www.ypkbali.org>, email at: <info@ypkbali.org> or connect through Facebook: ypkbali.

Yayasan Pusat Pemberdayaan Disabilitas Indonesia Bali (Puspadi Bali)

Puspadi Bali is a non-government organisation concerned with the rehabilitation of children and young adults who are physically disabled, offering training courses to enable them to become independent, both physically and mentally. For enquiries and support, contact Latra on Hp. 0812 399 0701 or latra@puspadibali.org. www.puspadibali.org. Jl. Bakung 19 Tohpati Kesiman Kertalangu Denpasar Timur 80237.

Yayasan Senyum Bali

Yayasan Senyum Bali-health care for people with cranio-facial disabilities. Facilities operations for cleft lip and palate and other cranio-facial deformities, due to birth defects, accidents, or tumuors. We help poor people from Bali, Lombok and further east, we raise funds for operations whether in Bali or Adelaide at the Australian Cranio-Facial Unit. We also work to build local skills, technology, and capacity through training and development. Further information see: www.senyumbali.org. Or contact us yayasansenyum@yahoo.co.id or fax (0361) 233 758.

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

Helping the less fortunate in Bali (http://www.solemen.org/). General (info@solemen.org).
Ph: 081239891514. Office: 0812 3720 6220,
Email: (info@solemen.org). Office Location: JL Danau Poso No. 55
Banjar Belanjong Kel Sanur Kauh Kec Denpasar Selatan
Denpasar, Bali 80228

Yayasan Sjaki-Tari-Us

Yayasan Sjaki-Tari-Us has the purpose to support, counsel and accompany children with a mental disability in their development and participation to society. Located at the soccer field in Ubud, we have play-learning groups for young children and daily activities for young adults. We establish this by mobilising Dutch resources, knowledge and expertise and put it to the disposal of parents, teachers, counsellors and other interested people on Bali. Our mission is to transfer the resources in that way, that they can apply and transfer this themselves in the future. Contact: sjakitarius.bali@gmail.com, Monkey Forest Road, Sebelah lapangan sepak bola. Ubud, Bali, +62 (0) 813 5718 1122.

Yoga @ Indian Cultural Centre Bali

Yoga is an invaluable gift to mankind from the ancient civilization of India for well-being and happiness. Yoga embodies unity of body, mind, and soul. It helps to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world, and nature. Dr. Kaptan Singh, M.A. Ph.D., a multi-talented Yogacharya has recently joined and launched exciting and reinvigorating new Yoga courses at the Indian Cultural Center (ICC) in Renon, Denpasar. All are invited to experience classical Indian Yoga from India. For details, contact Ms Septy 08977898189 or send e-mail to iccbali@gmail.com.

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