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For Sale; Coffee maker. Miyako CM-127. 10 cups coffee maker. New. Rp. 300.000. Contact Lidya 0361 755 392. Kuta. [001]

For Sale: DVD set The Walking Dead complete seasons 1,2,3,4. This is a box set, all original imported from England, Region 2. Perfect condition. Rp. 150,000. SMS to 081 239 88979. Kuta/Sanur. [002]

For Sale; 7” tablet computer, “chuweii” android 4.4, 3 mp camera, 1.8gh processor, fast and bright screen for gaming. Internet ready. Charger, headphones, case. Rp1juta or make offer. 0812 4674 9838, ( Ubud. [003]

For Sale; ‘As new’ books (70+) top authors, fiction and non fiction. Rp10-15 each or take all for discount.  Many hard to find titles, very good condition. Bring a box! See in Ubud. Contact 0812 4674 9838. (  Ubud. [004]

For Sale; 7” Android tablet, ‘Teclast’, 4.2 android O.S. 2 cameras, 1.8GH processor, light, bright and fast. internet ready. All accessories. Rp1juta or make offer. 0812 4674 9838, ( Ubud. [005]

For Sale; Makita Jackhammer 0810. In very good condition. Rp. 2.600.000. Tel. 895 0366. Denpasar. [006]

For Sale; Mac mini late 2014 with SSD 250gb. 1.4GHz Core i5.Intel HD Graphics 5000. OS Sierra. Can install Microsoft,iLife and Adobe; no cost. Comes with power cable only. Price 6 mil. Kerobokan. Text: 0821 4483 3668. [007]

I want to buy. Very good Samsung Galaxy S4. Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [008]

Moving Sale; Light Motion Sola Photo 600 UW-Light. Never used plus adapter. 300$.  Pls. contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. [009]

For Sale; Rarity. 70year old Bezar compass. Still in good condition. For collectors only. Sanur. Please call Michael 081 2395 1444. [010]

For Sale; 2 web cameras (MS and HP) as new. For 400.000 Rp. Please contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. Denpasar. [011]

For Sale; Baldacci Books as new. The Finisher, The Winner,The Target. Memory Man. The Excape. Last Mile, The Forgotten, The Guilty. All 8 for Rp 1.2k. Fix. Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [012]

For Sale; Canon Ixus 1086. 14.7 Megapixel. SD HC Card 4GB. 1 spare akku. Best condition.  $ 130. Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [013]

For Sale; 2 PC Lite Ikelite underwater lamps. As new. 30$ each. 1 sun light SL6 UW Kinetics 25$. Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [014]

For Sale; 5 Maginon, IPC-100AC surveillance cameras. New. Just brought them from Germany.  1/5” Megapixel, 9 infrared-LEDs, complete with cables. Never used. Was Euro 60 each. Will sell for 55 Euro (fix). Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [015]

For Sale; Stanley London 1917 Brass sextant. For pics and price pls call Michael 081 2395 1444. [016]

For Sale; Canon LiDE 110 Flatbed scanner. Features: 4 EZ buttons, email, auto document fix, auto scan mode, pdf function, high-speed scanning. Condition like new. Price Rp. 780.000. Please call/sms 0813 3902 7987. Sanur. [017]

For Sale; Printer Canon Pixma MP 287. All in one printer with photo print function. Good condition  sell for Rp. 750.000. Please call/sms 0813 3902 7987. Sanur. [018]

For Sale; Microwave Sharp R-222y s, low wattage (399 W), very good condition, sell for only Rp. 550.000, please call/sms 0813 3902 7987. Sanur. [019]

For Sale; Small wooden bed (timber wood), size 200cm x 120cm, without mattress. Sell for Rp. 350.000 only. Please call/sms 0813 3902 7987. Sanur. [020]

For Sale; XBox 360 Jasper 60 GB, mint condition + 1 stick control wireless + Kinect sensor + CD games (only old one) for Rp 2 mil (ono). please contact me Denny at 081 2384 9674. Denpasar. [021]

Looking for 1 AC 1/2 PK in good condition. Call/sms 081 774 8887. Kerobokan. [022]

For Sale; DJ controller Pioneer DDJ Ergo V, white colour very good condition price 2.5 Million. Call/sms 081 774 8887. Kerobokan. [023]

For Sale; Bench press bar can flat or incline come with 75 kg of barbells weigh + 1 V stainless handlebar come with 30 kg barbells all for 2.5 million. Call/sms 081 774 8887. Kerobokan. [024]

For Sale; Portable massage table (informa). Hardly used, in storage cover coating is coming off. Reupholstered it will be as new. Asking price (quarter of new price) Rp 700.000 Lovina Singaraja 0813 3739 8257 photos via whatsapp/email. [025]

For Sale; Furniture cheap-shop closing: 2 book shelves 195x100x40 Rp 1.300.000/each. 2 Pomare rattan chair big Rp 800.000, Medium Rp 500.000. Mannequin boy with stand Rp 170.000/each. Contact 0361 733 219 or ( for the pic. [026]

For Sale; Electronic – shop closing: 1 set CCTV + monitor + 4 camera Rp 6.000.000.  1 set finger print Rp 700.000. 1 tlp-fax-fotocopy machine Panasonic KX/FP 342 Rp 300.000. 1 stavolt Matsumoto 5000N Rp 2.000.000 (value 8Mrp). Contact 0361 733 219 or ( for the pic. [027]

For Sale; Led monitor 17inch LG for 750K. 0877 6572 9143. Seminyak. [028]

For Sale; Samsung Galaxy S5 backcover with charging pad to make your phone ready for wireless charging 400.000rp. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [029]

For Sale; Weightbelt with 6kg lead for diving 300.000rp. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [030]

For Sale; Shorty bare for diving or snorkeling or surfing 3mm size xl 650.000rp. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [031]

For Sale; Big diving bag for your diving equipment 700.000rp. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [032]

For Sale; Big diving knife with straps for your leg 700/000rp. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [033]

For Sale; Regulator set for diving aqualung overbalanced new 12 juta sell 2,5 juta.  0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [034]

For Sale; Backpack for bring small dog or cat anywhere 150.000rp. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [035]

For Sale; Wooden carving sofa and 2 big chairs for inside or outside colour brown 1,5juta. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [036]

For Sale; Big black leatherlook chair for sitting and lay down, strong synthetic cover new 5juta sell 2,5juta. 0819 3300 1547. Sanur. [037]

For Sale; Beautiful hand-carved Jati wood antique furniture. Two gorgeous sideboard buffets, large cabinet, single daybed, single bed, also some wooden statues. Not bargain, but rare quality pieces. Email ( for pics. Kerobokan. [038]

For Sale; Dramatic standing Buddha statue. Plate steel with rust patina. 190cm(74”) tall. 3 juta. sms for photo. 0813 3813 0226. Ubud. [039]

For Sale; iPhone 5s gold color 16Gb. Very good condition. Price Rp. 2.4 million (negotiable). Please call 0815 4733 5006. Bukit Ungasan. [040]

For Sale; New wetsuit man Scubapro Everflex 5/4. Size XL. 2 millions. WA: 0813 3712 4064. [041]

For Sale; Generator (new) Subaru 6KVA. E/start. Made in Japan. Sell for 9.8 juta (store price 14.8 juta). 0812 3823 0678. Nusa Lembongan. [042]

For Sale; Surfboard Surftech 9’4” Tufflite Billy Tollhurst. $590 USD. 0812 3823 0678. Jimbaran. [043]

For Sale; 1. LG Inverter refrigerator capacity 546 litre. 2. Ceramic electric Kiln Sutt top load 4 feet cubic with controller. 3. Ice cream maker cuisinart capacity 2 litre. 4. Water dipenser Sanken hot and cold. 5. Two bicycles. 6. Bed frame. Size 1.2x2m. 7. XBox. Location in Sanur. Please only for serious. Contact to Nona 0817 6550 187. [044]

For Sale; UKimono massage machine with automatic massage programs. Designed by Dr. Koto Takayoshi, Japanese Shiatsu massage expert. Improves circulation and metabolism to burn fat as well. Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090. Email: ( Sanur. [045]

For Sale; 2 pairs teak bedside tables 500,000 a pair and a small cabinet 72 cmx 61cm for 300,000). Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090. Email: ( Sanur.[046]

For Sale; 2 Bel’air Lampe Berger (Paris) lamps with 1 litre fragrant, aromatic Berger Lamp oil. Remove odors, purify air, kill airborne bacteria and mosquitoes. Set including accessories. IDR 450,000. Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090. Email: ( Sanur. [047]

For Sale; Excellent quality and well finished teakwood TV console from Tarita Rp 1,900.000. 170 cm X43 cm. Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090, email: ( Sanur. [048]

For Sale; 2 beautiful, spacious teakwood cupboards 6ft X 4ft X2ft. Plenty of hanging and storage space with 4 big drawers (1 lockable). IDR 3, 500,000 each but 6,500,000 for both. Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090, email Sanur. [049]

For Sale; Authentic big Indian drum or dhol. Can be carried or rested on a stand. Rp. 950,000( negotiable). Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090, email ( Sanur. [050]

For Sale; Imported foldable Teeter back inversion therapy hangup chair to stretch spine. Being sold second hand in very good condition. Price Rp. 1,750,000. Has instructions. Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090, email ( Sanur. [051]

For Sale; Adjustable walker for support unused IDR 200,000. Whatsapp 081 23608 9090. Email: ( Sanur. [052]

For Sale; Imported orthopedic shoe size men 7-10 and women 7 -11 for break/ fractured leg/ ankle/ foot. Includes hand air pump. IDR 700,000 (originally 7 million). Whatsapp 0812 3608 9090. Email: ( Sanur. [053]

For Sale: Baby cot/bed (Hakari, natural wood, L125xW67xH100cm), drop-side, mosquito pole, 3 levels, mattress L60xW120cm, excellent condition. Plus full-cover mosquito net, and breathable mesh bumpers. Rp.900,000. Please contact Ekaterina +44(0)79 1460 0844 or ( Sanur. [054]

For Sale; Beautiful cream coloured onyx bowls. very sturdy pieces great for indoor plants or water candles making a nice show piece. 1st pc 50cm diameter, 30cm height. Rp300,000. 2nd pc 40cm diameter, 20cm height. Rp. 200,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo’s available. [055]

For Sale; The smallest video camera in the world. Sanyo full HD 1920 x 1080, 10 mega pixel, 5 x zoom – it’s a dual camera photo and video. Excellent quality reproduction. Includes all cables, 2 batteries and a carry case. New condition. Only Rp1,500,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [056]

For Sale; A king helmet sea shell. A sand dwelling creature. A predator feeding on sea urchins. Weight: 1.8kg, Size: approx 23 x 18 cm, Photos available. Only Rp600,000 ono. Please call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [057]

For Sale; A beautiful specimen of matched pair giant clam shell (Tridacna Hippopus). Weight: 1.3 kg, size: approx 20 x 12.5 cm, Photos available. Rp. 550,000 ono. Call 0857 38142449. Photo available. [058]

For Sale; A “Citizen” blood pressure machine that fits on your wrist like a watch. Works perfect and is in new condition, bought last year in Japan cost $52 (Rp700,000) will sell for Rp400,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [059]

For Sale; Cricket gear. Now retired from cricket and taken up golf. 1x pair batting pads (Kookaburra). 1x chest pad (Gray-Nicholls). 2x pair batting gloves (Kookaburra). 2x bats (Gray-Nicholls). 1x bat (Kookaburra). 1x new box. 3x balls. 1x large canvas cricket bag (Gray-Nicholls). Lot sale Only! Rp900,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [060]

For Sale; Cricket pads. Brand new Gray-Nicolls batting pads. Rp200,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [061]

For Sale; Magic massager. This hand held machine is a complete body massager with 7 massage heads easily changed to your requirement, i.e. stimulate acupuncture points, designed for fat removal and much more. Can use on every part of the body. Rp800,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [062]

For Sale; 12x pieces of Mother Of Pearl Boards. Size 30 x 10 cm. Only Rp60,000 each or Rp650,000 for all. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [063]

For Sale; Heavy duty and good quality exterior wall light. Only Rp200,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [064]

For Sale; Franklin computer language master dictionary – thesaurus. Some marks on the LCD screen but doesn’t impare viewing. Only Rp.100,000. Call 0857 3814 2449. Photo available. [065]

For Sale; NBX VOIP Gateway v5000, with chases, free 3 phones IDR 10,000,000 contact Oknanta 0361 291 000. Gianyar. [066]

For Sale; Brand new foosball table. Just taken out of the box now and assembled. Harvard brand, European style. Great for recreation room or pub. Cash and carry from Sanur. IDR 3,500,000 obo. Thanks. (, 0811-140594. Sanur. [067]

For Sale; Nikon D600/IDR 9.450.000, Nikon AfD 50mm f1.4/IDR2.300.000, Samyang 8mm f3.5 Fish Eye Nikon Mount/IDR3.200.000, RicohTheta S PanoramicAction Cam/IDR3.850.000. All used items in good condition include boxes, buy all IDR 17,5mio item in Kerobokan. 0857 3838 0808 sms/whatsapp. [068]

For Sale; DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo Coffeemaker, White, Comes with Box, Mint Condition, Rarely used, Easy to use, IDR 1.850.000. Location at Kerobokan, 0857 3838 0808. [069]

For Sale; Toshiba 3 door (top freezer, middle fridge, bottom veggies) hybrid plasma refrigerator GR-H47ETV with 395L capacity. Grey color. Never been serviced and still in good condition. Rp1,500,000. Please SMS or whatsapp to 081 2394 5464. Sanur. [070]

Cocoon Medical Spa is proud to launch the Quanta Laser 3D Skin Rejuvenation. This laser from Italy, favoured by the world’s best models, is now offered in Bali. Get healthier, more beautiful skin at any age – for tiny Indonesian price. Please contact (; +62 81 1388 2240. [071]

Elders Real Estate Bali has now completed the installation of our holiday rental booking services as well as short and long term rentals.We invite you to join our portfolio of holiday rental villas. Please contact us for more information. ( [072]

Wave Hunter Bali – We sell Kayaks, Stand up Paddle Boards, Paddles, Surfboard making supplies, Waterproof dry bags, Surfing equipment. ( [073]

Bali Island School (BIS) – formerly Bali International School – is the only school on the island authorized to offer the full International Baccalaureate Programme from Preschool to Grade 12. BIS offers small classes and excellent mostly expat teachers. Contact (; ( [074]

ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics offer Sygmalift. A high performance non-surgical skin lifting. This non-invasive&completely pain-free treatment uses combination focal&flux ultrasounds and cold laser therapy to effectively lift and remodel the face and body.

Free cosmetic consultation: Tel:+62 361 75 4645. [075]

Metric as a Premium Cabinetry System manufacturer strive to create comfortable and attractive interiors for your home by integrating premium design and the best quality material that best suit with your modern lifestyle. Phone (0361) 282 862. [076]

Are you looking for a school that provides a safe environment from nursery to twelve, active teaching both inside and outside the classroom? Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School (GMIS)! 0361 239 744/77. ( [077]

For Sale; 2 new garden/outdoor lights hallogen, black color, never use, new price each US$330, price now Rp. 1.2 million each. Tel: 0813 3863 4748. No photos. Kerobokan.[078]

For Sale; 4 used big garden lights, different types. Approx H: 68cm, new price 280$ each. Very good working condition. Price now Rp. 350.000 to Rp. 450.000 each. Tel: 0813 3863 4748. No photos. Kerobokan. [079]

For Sale; Asian antiques from all over Asia (Japan, China, Khmer Thai, Indonesia, etc). Cabinet, statue paintings, textile, Buddha statue, etc. Private collection, bought when travelling. No reproduction. Contact 0813 3863 4748. No photos. Kerobokan. [080]

For Sale; Old wood carving diver. Size very decorative. Price 300.000 to 800.000 Rp. No photos. Contact 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [081]

For Sale; Toilet Toto wall hanging, white color, condition like new. Rp. 850.000. Toilet only without water tank. Contact 0813 3863 4748. No photos. Kerobokan. [082]

For Sale; Black granite size: 1pc 2.10m x 0.75m, 11pcs 0.85 x 0.30m, 10pcs 0.80m x 0.12m, and many more mixed sizes. Left over from my project. Contact 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [083]

For Sale; Sofa table made from teakwood with very nice wood carving on top. Size 1.50m x 1.00m x 0.45m high. Price 1.5juta. Tel. 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [084]

For Sale; Seiko kinetic watch mod. 5M42-O-E50B5 serial No. 70008. Water resistent till 100 meter. Price 2.5 jt. Tel: 0813 3863 4748. No photos. Kerobokan. [085]

Looking For; LED TV flat screen min 40”-50” not so old and good condition. Tel. 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [086]

For Sale; Pioneer stereo audio/video multi channel receiver with remote control, mod.VSX-C 100-k 120W. Very good condition with all paper. New price 4.8 million, sell for 1.5 juta. Tel. 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [087]

For Sale; New original Karcher terrace cleaner incl. all original parts. Never used. This is additional part to the high pressure cleaner machine. Price 1.8 juta. Tel. 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan.

For Sale; Aquarium salt water low maintenance 10 mm glass 1500cm long 450 cm wide 600cm high expat made protein skimmer pumps under gravel biodegrader heater thermostat control. 081 2395 0302, WA 0812 3781 8851. O/head light very low maintainance. Sanur. [088]

For Sale; Insulin pens brand new not opened full shelf life novo rapid flex pen 4 each. Levemire flex pen 4 each Australian bought on prescription original package sell half local price.Phone 081 2395 0302. WA 0812 3781 8851. Sanur. [089]

For Sale; Macbook Pro 15” Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz early 2008. Memory 6GB DDR2. OS El Capitan. Excellent condition. Price 5million. Call/WA 081 1339 2275 for pictures and details. Denpasar. [090]

For Sale; Remote control + charger Drone DJI Phantom 3 standard, price 1 Million Rp. Call/sms 081 774 8887. Kerobokan. [091]

For Sale; Canon color printer & scanner. Good condition. Come with installed ink wells on the side. Makes printing very cheap. Rp 850,000 0813 3731 1357. Sanur. [092]

For Sale; 1 set adjustable crutches. Good condition Rp 200,000. 0813 3731 1357. Sanur. [093]

For Sale; 2 x twin mattress. Good quality foam. Always used mattress protectors. Size 90×120 Rp 450,000 each. 0813 3731 1357. Sanur. [094]

For Sale; Samsung washing machine. Good condition. Serviced 6 months ago. Rp 2 million. 0813 3731 1357. Sanur. [095]

For Sale; 2 small wooden stools from North Thailand, old, ethnic style, carved in the shape of sheep, cm 40×15 h15, one white and one brown. Suitable for kids and also nice for the garden, 420.000 rps for both. For pictures contact 0818 0566 2911 or whatsapp +3932 8379 4753 Legian. [096]

For Sale; Abbiamo molti  libri in lingua italiana, alcuni autori. We sell many books in italian language. Please contact 0818 0566 2911 or whatsapp +39 328 379 4753 Legian. [097]

For Sale; Rosetta Stone language learning DVD (2 dvd’s), learn more than 30 languages. German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and many more. Excellent system for learning languages. price: 500.000. Text 0815 4742 6222. ( Seminyak. [098]

For Sale; Voltage regulator (Servo Motor type Stavol). Capacity 1000 VA/1 PH, Amps 5A/1PH. Protects your electronics from voltage spikes. A must have if you live in Bali. Excellent condition. price: 750.000. 0815 4742 6222. ( Seminyak. [099]

For Sale; Voltage regulator (Servo Motor type Stavol). Capacity 1500 VA/1 PH, Amps 7.5A/1PH. Protects your electronics from voltage spikes. A must have if you live in Bali. Excellent condition. price: 950.000. 0815 4742 6222. ( Seminyak. [100]

For Sale; Allied Telesyn 16 port fast Ethernet switch, Linksys wireless-G broadband router, staffold. Text message 0815 4742 6222. ( Seminyak. [101]

For Sale; 17” LCD monitor (Benq G700A) 700,000 or best offer. Text message 0815 4742 6222. ( Seminyak. [102]

For Sale; Genuine Swarovski crystal collection (accessories) mid 90’s, some are gold plated. All bought in Europe, selling for IDR 6 mio (ONO). Pictures can be sent by email or WA, Pls contact 0822 3728 4370. Denpasar. [103]

For Sale; For collectors:>300 Vinyl’s (12” LP’s),incl. laserdisc (most bought in Europe), 99% are in excellent condition with plastic cover/some are rare/limited edition. Various genre: pop, rock, country, instrumental, etc. For details/list, please contact email ( or WA 0822 3728 4370. Denpasar. [104]