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March 29, 2017

BALISPIRIT’S 10TH YEAR! Wow, it’s ten years since my inspirational friend Meg Papppenheim tried to explain what she and her partners had in mind for a “world music, dance and yoga” festival. They had spoken to some yoga teachers and a few enthusiastic music groups from other countries, but nothing was set, and no venue was chosen, for an event they planned to open six weeks hence! And they did it! In fact WE did it, as I was part of that first extraordinary management team. Meg’s enthusiasm drew us all in, the yoga gurus crossed the oceans, Rob Weber’s ... [ Read More ]

March 1, 2017

BUMI STILL MAKING MOVES With Bumi Sehat’s Ubud “MotherShip” operational from last October, Ibu Robin and her international team are making moves to set up branches in new places. The new Nyuh Kuning headquarters offers pregnancy services, childbirth and postpartum care, free ambulance transport, medical outreach to remote areas, services for the elderly, youth education and free lab analysis, including HIV counseling and screening. Twelve years on, a dedicated team still runs the post-tsunami birthing centre, youth centre and health clinic in Samatiga Aceh, while the Philippines Bumi~Wadah team maintains a permanent childbirth centre on Leyte Island, scene of the 2013 ... [ Read More ]

February 1, 2017

MONTH OF LOVE It’s February, which many call the month of love and romance. And once again, Bridges Restaurant is stretching our heart strings and making it next to impossible to get out of doing some little spontaneous something, to woo our favourite belle or beau. For Valentine’s Day itself, we’re the only town in Bali with a “Love Tree” – it’s just next to the old bridge itself – where you can renew your vows or even pop the question, and seal the pledge by hanging your engraved Love Lock on the tree. To complement the romantic atmosphere created ... [ Read More ]

January 4, 2017

RIDING BALI Just 30 minutes north of Ubud in the little village of Pupuan in Tegalalang, a project that rescues neglected horses has become a great little tourism operation – and an opportunity to ride through some of the island’s most spectacular scenery. For the beginner, the one hour tour proceeds at a slow and gentle pace, setting out from a very traditional and natural Balinese compound on a ride that passes through tropical forest, rivers, and scenic rice paddies. You take a break to sip on a fresh coconut in the middle of the rice fields near Pura Dalem ... [ Read More ]

December 7, 2016

DRUM IT OUT! Are you in your own headspace too much? Drum it out, at Ubud West African Drum Class in Nyuh Kuning. I defy you to keep all the ‘stuff’ running about inside your brain while you are drumming, singing and learning with a group of enthusiastic musicians and fellow learners. Research shows that rhythm is vital to the brain working effectively – and laughter and joy are pretty helpful too. Javanese professional musician Catur Sang Klana Wijaya is a fine Indonesian drum teacher who has learnt from the masters, in his own country and around the world. Check out Catur’s ... [ Read More ]

November 23, 2016

SUPER UBUD MOON Thank you, Rio! It’s a wonderful thing when our inspired photographer friends capture the special moments for us. Celebrated Indonesian photographer Rio Helmi snapped this amazing photo of last week’s “Super Moon” and – since most of us won’t be around for the next one – if we weren’t in the perfect spot this time, it’s, well, ….  “Thank you, Rio”. Visit Rio Helmi’s superb gallery on Jalan Suweta (6B), just up the road from Ubud Palace.   NOT GOOD VISA NEWS An Indonesian government move to worry ex-pats and tourists is the announcement that visa agents can ... [ Read More ]

November 9, 2016

GARDENS OF BOOKS For more than 30 years, Anita at Ganesha Books (Sanur and Ubud) has donated books to non-profits and schools all over Bali, by encouraging customers and friends to contribute and “sign their name”. Now she’s helping further afield, with piles of great storybooks destined for Taman Baca (Garden of Books) in Sumba. Here’s how it works. Anita puts 1 juta’s worth ($100) of these books in Goddess on the Go clothing and jewellery store, on Jl Raya Pengosekan. You choose and pay for a book, unwrap it, and put your message inside. The cost is about the ... [ Read More ]

October 12, 2016

BICYCLES INSPIRE CHANGE Put your hand in your wallet today to help local social enterprise founder Komang Indrayana, who started a bicycle tour business that not only supports his family but also the school in his village. His tours are unique, not just showing off the beauty spots but visiting other non-profit projects that help the Balinese community. In 2014, Komang raised enough money to get his business started, and began to put some funds into improving the education at his local school. This year he’s asking us to help pay for a professional website and purchase of 15 good quality bicycles ... [ Read More ]

September 28, 2016

NEW MID-WEEK MARKET VENUE For many years, part of my weekly ritual has been a Saturday morning visit to the Ubud Organic Farmers Market in front of Pizza Bagus. I buy delicious vegetables that I know have come straight from a local farmer, try delicious Ubud-made jams and honeys to spread on fresh-baked breads, and select herb plants for my garden … and take the opportunity for a catch-up and coffee with like-minded people. But hey, it’s only once a week! Now I can find them at a different venue on Wednesday too! I’d been curious for a while about ... [ Read More ]

September 14, 2016

NIGHT ROOSTER In Ubud, the concept of a “night rooster” – as opposed to a night owl – makes complete sense. Here, proud, handsome roosters don’t wait for dawn, but stay up (or wake us up) and claim the night on their own terms. Pak Raka – the creative, unpretentious, friendly barman from the fabulous Locavore team – has now claimed his own piece of Ubud’s nightlife, and created a seriously fine bar called Night Rooster, upstairs on the corner of Jl Dewi Sita and Jl Gootama. As Raka says, he doesn’t want to focus on shelves full of dozens of ... [ Read More ]