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Jelila is a gifted natural intuitive who travels internationally, offering healing singing, sound and crystal healing, soul pulling, and workshops and retreats in Bali, Singapore, India and Australia. Jelila works with company CEO’s and presidents, and private individuals, enabling rapid transformation in a short space of time, for health, abundance, peace of mind, happy relationships, and success. She writes on a range of holistic topics, sharing the wisdom gained from her healing practise.

Designing Your Vision

New Year’s Eve is my birthday, so I really get to celebrate a fresh start!  A whole new year!    How do you see yourself over the coming year?  Do you picture yourself doing happy, positive things?  What is your vision?  Do you have a bright view of your life, so that you can create it?   The key with visioning is an open mind.   Do not allow your present ideas about your wealth, health, situation, or anything else to limit your vision.  Visioning successfully means letting go completely of the ‘now’ and ‘how’ and allowing yourself to dream the ... [ Read More ]


Party time! It’s time to have fun envisioning the things that you would really enjoy. So if you’re a party pooper, misanthrope, general stick-in-the-mud, or merely just have not been out for a bit, this is for you! Before we are able to celebrate with others, we need to be able to celebrate ourselves. On a deep soul level, we need to be comfortable with being human, and glad to be here on the planet. Without that foundation, celebration is nigh-on impossible, because there is a deep-seated discomfort. To give an example, one of my clients had great difficulty in ... [ Read More ]

Releasing Karmic Connections

There was a loud bang, in the middle of the night, the unique sound of the heavy Victorian door to our house slamming.  I’ll never forget the sound.  I was going to bed, I saw my young innocent face smiling in the mirror.  Early in the morning, stormy weather outside, and heavy knocking at the door.  It was the police, come to tell us that my father had been found dead in a car.  He had killed himself.  Suddenly my world turned upside down as friends of the family arrived in the house and everyone milled around like headless chickens ... [ Read More ]

Honouring The Feminine In You

If you’re not sure about which way to go, or what your life path is, this is for you.   Look at any advertisement, and you will see that they all appeal to a feeling.  They are selling not just products, but the feelings that those products will create.  Why?  Because feelings are what motivate us.  We move torwards and desire certain feelings, such as love, freedom, power, hope, and move away from others such as pain, anxiety, and fear.   The executive who gets a bright red sportscar doesn’t just want the car – he (or she) wants to ... [ Read More ]

Mirror Magic

If the world seems a difficult, struggly place, and you’ve often wondered what is going on here, this is for you.   Consciousness is formless ‘being’ – light, with no ability to express itself.  It just ‘is’.  And who you are, is consciousness.  This is your ‘spirit’ or soul, and consciousness is all one thing, all joined together.  As consciousness is unable to express itself, because it has no form, it has chosen to express itself in physical form, as everything that you see in the world, including your body.   Thus everything in the world is expressing something which ... [ Read More ]

Journeys of Consciousness

The place we travel to when we dream is the wonderful inner world of the subconscious – the magical place where we contact the parts of ourselves that exist in other dimensions.  We can also visit that place through journeys of consciousness – a guided waking dream that allows you to both to explore and to create the symbolic images of the seeds you wish to plant in your life!   This is the ‘unmanifest’ – the place where ideas are conceived, where everything is created before it comes into reality, or ‘the manifest’.  If you have trouble with visualising, ... [ Read More ]

‘Hurt Girl’ and ‘Domineering Father’

If you suffer from the ‘inner critical voice’, then this article is for you!  It explains the cause, and how to heal it.  Enjoy!   We all have different ‘characters’ within us – parts of our personality that have become separate.  A common example of identities is a pair I call ‘Domineering Father’ and ‘Hurt Girl’.    These two do not go well together, when you are in relationship!  If your masculine side includes Domineering Father then you may unwittingly act like a domineering bully to your partner.  If your partner is in an identity of Hurt Girl – the ... [ Read More ]

Healing Limitations to Wealth

A film-star setting.  A huge, airy apartment with giant windows, pale gold opulent curtains floating gently in a light breeze looking over the ocean.  Big luxurious books on the shiny glass coffee table.  Huge white fragrant lilies in a white china vase.  Lots of space.    What is your idea of wealth, and opulence?  And is it attainable, or already a part of your life?   The environment that we grow up in has a big effect on our ‘wealth consciousness’.  We have no judgement as children, so the way our parents are with money seeps deeply into us as ... [ Read More ]

Cosmic Lessons

It’s a beautiful world we live in… A luminescent golden disk rises out of an iron-grey sea, shedding light in lovely rays across the sky. Delicate white clouds spread tendrils of white across pale blue. It looks like a painted Renaissance ceiling, and I imagine choirs of cherubs flying angelically. I’m in the Sunshine coast, Australia, watching a beautiful sunrise and feeling so grateful! Meditation Relax, breathe, and find yourself lying on a bed in a beautiful grotto. Sit up, and look around. Get up, begin to explore your environment. Allow it to be as it is. What do you ... [ Read More ]

Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy, the green-eyed demon strikes when attractive people are flitting around your partner.  You feel anxious, uncomfortable and uncertain of whether you will continue to be chosen over the delights of ‘those other ones’!   Interestingly, the root of jealousy is the inability to see yourself as special, different, and distinct from others.  There is a feeling of ‘why should I be chosen above these others, when I am just the same as them’.  A kind of blindness towards the wonders of your own self.  Imagine five gingerbread figures, one with your name on it.  A jealous person will see ... [ Read More ]