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Do It Yourself Detox Part One

A great way to start a new year and your commitment to health is to do a detox. It doesn’t have to be too difficult, but can have beneficial effects. These days we all have toxic lifestyles and we can all help ourselves to reduce and remove some toxins from our bodies and lives. A home detox can be done once per month to help keep our body systems clean and healthy. Detoxing also helps with anti-aging. When we abstain from eating cooked food, it gives our body a chance to rest and start to heal its-self. Your home detox ... [ Read More ]

Do It Yourself Detox Part Two

At various times of the day you will need to write a detox list. The areas of your life you will be thinking about detoxing are health, money, relationships and your home. You should write down for each of these areas where you are blocked or cluttered, and then the action that you will take to unblock it. Examples; Health Detox I don’t sleep well. 1. I will stop drinking coffee in the evening and will drink herbal tea instead. 2. I will stop reading my book directly before sleeping. 3. I will start a regular exercise programme. Money Detox ... [ Read More ]

What is a Spa?

SPA is an acronym which stands for SOLUS PER AQUAM or HEALING THROUGH WATER. Technically any place which wants to live up to the true definition of a spa should offer some treatments which involve water therapy. Even better, the spa should be located by a natural water source such as a hot spring, a sea or an ocean or a river or lake. Spa History Historically spas’ have existed since Ayurveda began around 3000BC and used water, herbal and lifestyle therapy as cures for ill-health. This Indian system of medicine provides the foundation for a lot of therapies still ... [ Read More ]

Culinary Herbs from your own Healing Garden

Culinary herbs are relatively easy to grow and provide a wealth of benefits. Herbs look and smell good, help food to taste great and have amazing health properties. Why not create a small herb patch in your garden? Dedicate a small area or several pots to a variety of herbs. Failing that, just buy fresh from the local market and add to salads, vegetable dishes or curries. Add whole herb leaves to salads, or finely chopped herbs just before finishing cooking soups, stews or curries. All the herbs mentioned below are to be used safely in culinary quantities, if you ... [ Read More ]


On Jalan Raya, the main road in Ubud, there are many places of interest. Many a day I have been a wandering around and around hunting spa’s, and I’m sure that many of you will agree that Bali is magical. You can stroll down the same street a thousand times and still never take the whole scene in. As I embarked on another Spa mission I perused Ubud for somewhere to spy on. I had my bike parked up and my stiff neck at the ready, hoping that at the end of the day I would find pain relief and ... [ Read More ]

Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri

Originally developed as Begawan Giri Estate by private owners, this property has been taken over by COMO Hotels and extensively refurbished. Since it’s re-launch in January last year it has been branded as a “retreat for change” or a destination spa, the first of it’s kind in Indonesia. Located to the North of Ubud, Bali’s cultural and healing centre, it takes about fifteen minutes to get to the town by car. Sprawling over seven hectares, the property consists of five residences, each comprising several individual rooms and some common facilities such as a swimming pool, study, dining room and lounge ... [ Read More ]

Ubud Sari Health Resort

Ubud is hard to escape once you are there, what with the lush, serene countryside and so many good spas. As with most spas in Bali, I find it is usually only the prices that set them apart from each other. The Ubud Sari Health Resort located on Jalan Kajeng is a class act all round and sits in the middle of the price bracket. Situated just off the Jalan Raya, the Ubud Sari Health Resort would trick you into thinking it is no-where near the main road as once inside the sounds of cars and motor bikes vanish into ... [ Read More ]

Amrta Siddhi: Bali’s Number One Ayurvedic Health Centre

A friend of mine had been suffering from bad sleep. She said she’d tried everything, herbal drinks, medication from the doctor, avoiding certain foodstuffs like caffeine and so on. Still every night she awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep again. She would drop off just before dawn then have to wake up almost immediately to go to work. She was at her wits end when I spoke to her about a month ago. Last week she rang me, full of energy and bright as day. What had happened, I asked her. She told me she had been to see ... [ Read More ]

Healing Hands: The Power of Touch

One of the five senses, touch enables us to give and receive information to our surrounding environment and other people. When other people touch us we can also learn about ourselves. Touch is vital to our growth and development. Children who don’t receive sufficient touch grow up less intelligent, shorter, lighter and even more violent than their luckier counterparts. Stroking a pet animal reduces blood pressure, slows heart rate and relaxes breathing, so imagine what happens if we are the one receiving touch. Level of intimacy of touch ranges from an accidental brush from the hand of a colleague or ... [ Read More ]

Top Ten Tips: Skin Beauty

Beauty is not just skin deep as we all know, but begins internally and radiates outwards. The skin is the largest organ in our body and has a special function to protect us from the elements and help us to breathe and expel toxins. As with all of our body, our skin reflects everything we do to ourselves, everything we eat and breathe, everything we experience. Skin ageing is based on genetics so have a look at your parent’s skin to see how yours is likely to age. But what should we do to keep our skin in tip top ... [ Read More ]