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Do It Yourself Detox Part One

A great way to start a new year and your commitment to health is to do a detox. It doesn’t have to be too difficult, but can have beneficial effects. These days we all have toxic lifestyles and we can all help ourselves to reduce and remove some toxins from our bodies and lives. A home detox can be done once per month to help keep our body systems clean and healthy. Detoxing also helps with anti-aging. When we abstain from eating cooked food, it gives our body a chance to rest and start to heal its-self. Your home detox ... [ Read More ]

Do It Yourself Detox Part Two

At various times of the day you will need to write a detox list. The areas of your life you will be thinking about detoxing are health, money, relationships and your home. You should write down for each of these areas where you are blocked or cluttered, and then the action that you will take to unblock it. Examples; Health Detox I don’t sleep well. 1. I will stop drinking coffee in the evening and will drink herbal tea instead. 2. I will stop reading my book directly before sleeping. 3. I will start a regular exercise programme. Money Detox ... [ Read More ]

Bali Hyatt

Sanur is one of the top tourist destinations in Bali, it has many beautiful white sand beaches and a wide array of excellent restaurants, hotels as well as some small boutiques and cafes and bars. A great place for a long holiday or a day break from the typical Indonesian six day working week. After cruising around the streets of Sanur on my motor bike looking for a Spa I was drawn to the Bali Hyatt. Having stayed in the hotel the first time I ever washed up upon these golden shores I felt I owed the Hyatt a debt, ... [ Read More ]

Cozy Spa

Excited to have a look at the new Carrefour shopping centre I dropped my boy in the children’s play area and had a wander around. It would be perfect, I thought, if there was a spa somewhere close by; and there was…less than five minutes down the road by car was COZY (Pure Bliss From Head to Foot). Situated on the same road as Carrefour, Jalan Sunset, and close by to Mal Bali Galeria, Dijon et al in the Simpang Siur district, this place has created quite a buzz. A three-storey building set back from the dual carriageway the façade ... [ Read More ]

Bali Botanica Day Spa

“Set in unspoiled nature,” reads the description in the Bali Botanica Day Spa brochure. Partially hidden in Sanggingan, 5 minutes from the centre of Ubud, Bali Botanica is never-the-less easily located due to it’s large signboard positioned on the main road. Following the windy path down past rice fields and Balinese compounds, you do wonder if you are going the right way, when suddenly the path opens out to reveal the spa. The environment is clean and well-arranged, definitely conducive to relaxation. Plenty of plants, green walls and paintings of bamboo and flowers are all in keeping with the botanical ... [ Read More ]

Spa Dictionary Part 2

O – Organic products. A product which has been produced in an environmentally-friendly way and is chemical-free. Organic products are pure and natural, smell better, feel better and are not going to damage your body by bringing you into contact with chemicals. P – Pain. A tight muscle may feel painful when it’s being released. If the muscle fibers have become knotted they will hurt when they are being worked upon, but try to go with it in order to get the later benefits. However, if something is too painful to bear then ask the therapist to stop that move ... [ Read More ]

Bagus Jati – A Wellspring of Inspiration

Bagus Jati is Indonesian for “very good”, and according to ancient Hindu writings Jati was where the first Hindu priest and sacred white buffalo arrived in Bali from Java. Situated about thirty minutes north of Ubud in five hectares of gardens and organic farmland, the health resort has eight villas whilst another ten are currently being constructed.The concept of the resort is that it is a health and well-being centre. Bagus Jati offers guests a selection of health and wellbeing programs, including: nutrition, detox, pilates, yoga, stress relief, anti-ageing, nature trekking and healthy cooking workshops. According to the Bagus Jati ... [ Read More ]

Jari Menari – Dancing Fingers

Located slap bang in the centre of Seminyak on the main street of Jalan Raya Basangkasa, Jari Menari has a humble shop front. First to catch your eye is the massage chair which is featured prominently in the middle of the way in. The reception desk is situated amidst a retail area which is selling various sarongs and robes, clothes and so on. Several receptionists immediately jumped to attention upon my arrival and one came forwards and asked me by name “hallo, are you Mr. Charlie?” Impressive stuff, it is a sign of good service to be greeted by your ... [ Read More ]

Milano Salon

This week I thought I should try a beauty treatment. Now a guy like me can stretch to a facial, but manicure, pedicure and waxing is for girls as far as I’m concerned. So I asked my best friend to help me out. Milano Salon is a stand alone spa in the middle of Ubud next to the football field. Seemingly the most well-known spa in Ubud it has been established for over ten years and is owned and run by Paris, Jakartan-born and Ubud semi-celebrity. What with the rainy season starting and actually wearing long trousers and even sometimes ... [ Read More ]

What is a Spa?

SPA is an acronym which stands for SOLUS PER AQUAM or HEALING THROUGH WATER. Technically any place which wants to live up to the true definition of a spa should offer some treatments which involve water therapy. Even better, the spa should be located by a natural water source such as a hot spring, a sea or an ocean or a river or lake. Spa History Historically spas’ have existed since Ayurveda began around 3000BC and used water, herbal and lifestyle therapy as cures for ill-health. This Indian system of medicine provides the foundation for a lot of therapies still ... [ Read More ]