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Sri Purna Widari: Labor Activist

Sri Purna Widari was born in Denpasar. From an early age, her parents prioritized her education. She studied English literature at Udayana University’s extension program, graduating in 2007. Sri won the Bali Tourism Ambassador award in 2006. Sri has worked as a sales executive, translator and interpreter, freelance real estate broker, recruiter in an employment agency and as a secretary in an adventure company, but the issue that she always has been most passionate about are economic equality and social justice. Her role as a mediator has exposed her to many labor issues that receive little public attention. Sri now ... [ Read More ]

Pak Gede: Sustainable Coffee

Pak Gede, known to his friends as Parjo, was born in Galiukir village in Pupuan in 1975 to traditional coffee farmer parents. Parjo was traditionally schooled in Tabanan until 19 years of age.  In 1992, he left for Yogyakarta to attend college but returned to Bali in 1993 to pursue job opportunities. Through the years, he has dabbled in retail, worked at the family coffee farm and as a river and trekking guide. In 2005, Parjo established CofeRait, a coffee brand that embodied the principal of fair trade. Parjo partnered with JED (Jaringan Ekowisata Desa) and the Wisnu Foundation and in ... [ Read More ]

Soemantri Widagdo: Promoter of Balinese Artists

Soemantri Widagdo was born in Pekalongan on the north coast of Java and his family moved to Jakarta when he was three. He was brought up a Catholic and was deeply influenced by Christ’s teachings. After graduating in 1974 from the Jesuit’s Kanisius College in Jakarta, Soemantri went on to receive a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung in 1981 and a Masters and Doctorate in 1991 at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey and the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. He worked as an engineer, researcher and educator throughout his professional career ... [ Read More ]

Kim Patra: Community Health Specialist

Kim Patra has spent the best part of her adult years in Bali. Educated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in South Australia, she is a qualified nurse, midwife and hypnotherapist and a registered member of I.B.I., the Association of Indonesian Midwives. Kim played a crucial role in assisting victims of the Bali Bombing in October 13th, 2002. Her book In The Arms of The Angels (2003) is a poignant account of that searing event through the eyes of a health professional, an expatriate, a woman and a mother. In the same year, she opened the Community Health Care Center in Sanur. Kim ... [ Read More ]

David S. Abraham: Co-Working Space Founder

David Abraham’s career has gone from the White House to Wall Street, from a Lithuanian regional government to running an international NGO based in Uganda. Most recently, he wrote an award-winning book, The Elements of Power, that looks at our future resource needs in a green economy. David is also a senior fellow at a think tank has published numerous articles in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. He is currently the Chairman of Outpost in Ubud.  What causes are close to your heart?  Living cleaner, greener lives and understanding the true impact of our lifestyle choices. It’s ... [ Read More ]


Wolfgang Widmoser, one of Ubud’s most brilliant living artists, was born in Munich, Germany in 1954. His father, a gifted architect and painter, always supported his son’s aspirations. Wolfgang painted, played music and studied architecture and philosophy since childhood. After finishing high school in 1973, Wolfgang went on to study under Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali where he learned the techniques of the Old Masters and the intricacies of rendering dreams. In 1984, he visited Indonesia for the first time. In 2007, he opened his Venus Rising exhibit of the female form at Bentara Budaya in Jakarta. Today, Wolfgang and his family ... [ Read More ]

Kadek Parmita: Mango Farmer

Kadek Parmita was born in Bondelam in Buleleng District into a farming family of four. She grew up helping her family with chores like hoeing, watering and planting new trees in their mango farm near the Tugu Pahlawan statue on Bondelam’s main 3-way intersection. After graduating from elementary school ate age 12, Kadek left to seek a better life (merantau) in Probolinggo, East Java with her aunt who had married a Chinese. Kadek spent 25 years in Java working as bebisister, taking care of her aunt’s children. Finally, in 1995 she returned to Bali to help her parents on the family’s ... [ Read More ]

Tyr Throne: Running to Make Lives Better

Tyr Throne was born in the U.S. in Wisconsin, The Land of Lakes, and grew up near Chicago, The Windy City. He studied pre-med, psychology, dance and theater in college in Santa Cruz, California, and 30 years ago moved to New York City to work as a professional actor, ballet dancer, director, choreographer and producer of dance, theater, musicals and fashion shows. He has also worked as a healer in the US, Europe, and Asia for over 20 years.  In August of 2017, Tyr will run 600 kilometers all the way around Bali as a fundraiser to support the great work ... [ Read More ]

Pak Yoga: Cruise Ship Crewmember

Pak Yoga was born in Singaraja 44 years ago, the son of an Indonesian naval radio officer. Pak Yoga attended grade schools in Denpasar before enrolling in the Food Production (Diploma II Tata Boga) program at Bali’s Hotel and Tourism Institute (BPLP) in Nusa Dua. In 1991, he trained at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nusa Dua where he learned how to run a kitchen. During those early years, he had always secretly dreamed of working abroad a cruise ship. Towards that end, Pak Yoga learned English at ILC Anugerah in Denpasar. From 1993 to 2014, he began working on ... [ Read More ]

Literary Tour of Bali

Bali’s development as a destination for famous and infamous European and American writers and scholars has endured for more than 100 years. It was during the Dutch colonial period in the 1920s and ‘30s when Bali as an island paradise fully emerged. Over the decades following the conquest and occupation of the south, a select group of tourists, expatriates, actors, celebrities, paradise seekers and other strange and colorful personalities from all over the world began to invade the island. The first guidebook to Bali, entitled Bali and Lombok, was an oversize, lavish publication containing 250 original illustrations. This book is generally ... [ Read More ]