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September 2, 2015

PASSION 2 PROFIT Kumpul Co-working Space regularly holds really useful workshops, for business and personal development, for just-getting-starters and for seasoned business professionals. On Saturday afternoon, September 12, they’re hosting the internationally acclaimed “Leaders of Tomorrow: Passion 2 Profit” workshop. Leaders of Tomorrow is an international education business that teaches individuals, NGOs and businesses how to “fuel profits through passion”. Developed by Zambian-born / Australian-based Aaron Mashana, these workshops run regularly in America, Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa. It’s a six-hour experiential workshop that explores why businesses fail and business plans don’t work, looks at how to “stress test” a ... [ Read More ]

August 5, 2015

MOSTLY JAZZ SUNDAY Are you often in the mood for an evening of smooth music in perfectly relaxed surroundings? Then you’d be checking your calendar and heading down, every second Sunday, to the beach in front of Griya Santrian, for their “Mostly Jazz, Live on the Beach” sessions. Gugun Blues Shelter and female vocalist Andien delivered two hot sessions last month. Coming up on August 9, the madly cool Indra Lesmana plays with Dewa Budjana, and Mike Mohede offers up his fine “Tribute to Bob Marley” on August 23. At 250,000rp inclusive for entry, your evening meal, a drink and ... [ Read More ]

July 08, 2015

HELP FARMERS IN TRANSITION In Bali, as in many places around the world, farmers are returning to growing pesticide-free crops, using organic heritage seeds. The process of ridding the soil of chemicals can take many years, and accreditation isn’t simple to get, so mostly they are “transitional” (i.e. on the way to certified organic). Around the island there’s a growing list of local farmers with delicious fruit and vegetables produce for sale, including mixed salad, rucola, zucchini, beetroot, asparagus, baby bean, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and many tasty herbs. For delivery to Sanur and Denpasar, contact the Wardani Farm Stock organisation, ... [ Read More ]

June 10, 2015

EVERY MAN NEEDS ONE! Now here’s a different kind of “shed”. We all know that “a man needs a shed” – to get away from family, wife, GF, troubles, the boss, think about “stuff”, and probably play (oops, sorry, create something magnificent or useful) with his tools. But The Man Shed in Jl Tirta Nadi is different. And also something that every good man – or woman – in Sanur should know about. The Man Shed is the kind of place you can take a very mixed group of people to eat, and everyone will be happy. One reader describes ... [ Read More ]

April 29, 2015

FUNNELBACK PET – REALLY? Parent alert! Studies show children don’t really develop a sense of danger until at least six years old. Beautiful Bali’s potential hazards may be completely different from your own childhood experience. Are there many unfenced swimming pools where you come from? Or funnel-back spiders to become a “secret pet” for your four year old? First aid trainer Guy Manners will hold basic and advanced courses in Sanur in May and June, covering both theory and practical exercises for the “standard” range of accident and emergency first aid situations. But Guy’s focus for these programs will be ... [ Read More ]

April 15, 2015

REFUSE THE FLU Trust me, you don’t want it. Though you’ve triumphed before, each dose gets nastier and clings longer, and each year your body is a little less strong and copes less well with the fever, aching joints, chills and cough. Plus, a “winter” disease in Bali’s sticky heat is not fun. So get vaccinated. Now – March to early May – is the best time, and vaccinations are available at Bali International Medical Centre. The jab doesn’t guarantee that you’ll dodge everything but your chances of remaining flu-free go up markedly. Every year there are new strains; a ... [ Read More ]

March 18, 2015

GOOD FORTUNE What do a New Yorker called Marcello and his Javanese wife do when they come to Bali? They open a Chinese restaurant called Fortune Cookie. Now it’s not that silly, actually, because this high-energy couple looked around for something that wasn’t yet on offer, something they missed from their busy life in the US. What they call “pot boilers” – those absolutely got-to-have-just-one-more delicious little steamed dumplings – were the start of it, and from there the ideas for their first class Chinese menu just started rolling out. After the first few bites of their Mongolian beef and ... [ Read More ]

March 04, 2015

BALI-KIWI EXPORT! Please support an extraordinary Sanur family – off to New Zealand in March and welcomed by the Indonesian ambassador before a huge public performance at the Southeast Asian night market on the Wellington waterfront. The star of the show is pint-sized Gede Semara Richard (he’s 8 years old), who has played gamelan since he was a toddler and composed since he was six – not surprising really, the campur prodigy is son of Kiwi ethno-musicologist Vaughan Hatch and award-winning Balinese dancer, Putu Evie. Semara’s extended family – a group of musicians and dancers called Sekaa Selonding Semeton (SSS) ... [ Read More ]

February 18, 2015

PAIN MOVER, SPIRIT DANCER A long way from his home island of Bima – quiet farmland, coconut palms, no outsiders – Sanur-based body worker Pak Purnomo is extraordinarily talented, having gained experience at Jari Menari and mentoring from internationally acclaimed Esalen trainer, Ellen Watson. Momo conducts workshops in Touching Essence (based on Esalen Massage) at Bali BISA in Sanur, and will play a key role in a number of workshops and training programs throughout the year, including the SpiritDance SoulSong Retreat and Teacher Training from March 1-28, at Mimpi Menjangan in North Bali and Ananda Cottages, Ubud, with international teachers ... [ Read More ]

February 4 2015

February 4, 2015 Sorry Sanur folks, it’s over. No more will you keep all the Sanur secrets to yourselves. It’s time for readers in other parts of Bali to find out what’s happening in your deceptively quiet little patch. The more we investigate, the more we want to learn about what’s cooking in Sanur, so please contact Sanur Scoop with information about any new businesses, cafes, exciting events or interesting projects. Email: BICYCLE TRAILS Congratulations to Eco-Sanur – not an official organisation but more a “movement” of long-term Sanur expats, working together to better Sanur’s environment – for the ... [ Read More ]