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July 20, 2016

GAYA CERAMIC Handmade & exclusive ceramics for intimate desires  The very clever and creative team of Gaya Ceramic has produced a small and wonderful collection of fragrances. (no doubt there was ‘a nose’ to produce the fragrance, that’s industry speak for a perfumer) Anyway, this collection is reminiscent of the ‘old classic’ Italian ones, names are – Copper-Red, Celadon, Shino, Tenmoku. Along with these ‘Gaya-lab’ scents there’s also a silky body lotion, shampoo and lustrous conditioner. Hand thrown porcelain bottles with faceted sides featuring a Tenmoku glaze, along with stainless steel (brass finishing) pump and a pewter dog-tag at the neck of the bottle, these stylish ... [ Read More ]

JULY 6, 2016

Ubud is getting out of control, it’s got a whole lot more going on in this quaint (in parts) hill town to make their southern retailers feel more than a tad envious…. But hey the first stop you need to make in this cultural center is a good cup of coffee so suggest the hip spot called Seniman Coffee Studio a speciality coffee and design studio. It’s a comfortable friendly coffee bar with delicious cakes on offer (they have a menu too) they run regular coffee workshops, there’s a cold brew bar along with a product design consultancy (where an assortment of ... [ Read More ]

June 8, 2016

Following are a number of retailers that have survived in Bali, why? they do everything right, they have found their niche, know their merchandise, good staff, regular changes in window & shop displays, advertising ++ of course there are more too…. And, next issue will cover Ubud, so can add Goddess of the Go! I have only included only one street address per store (either their flagship store or perhaps their latest store)   Fabrics: Alta Moda – for fashion fabric & Serba Antik for home furnishing fabric, (Kuta Istana Galleria on Jl Patih Jelantik) Home Décor – home furnishing fabric (Jl Raya Kerobokan)   Fashion ... [ Read More ]

May 25, 2016

Are you like me and collect business cards as you go, my collection is vast so finally found some time to sit patiently and edit a batch of them, what a job it was!! Okay so here you are, some contacts that maybe of interest to you. You never know, one of these shops may just hold the key for something that takes your fancy…. Firstly though, enjoyed a phenomenal dinner at the sister restaurant of Merah Putih named SANGSAKA my suggestion is to order lots of dishes to share, it’s the only way to sample the exquisite tastes on offer. Make a booking ... [ Read More ]

May 11, 2016

Kuala Lumpur is a super city and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts in general in this issue of Retail Therapy. So it’s really a girly’s point of view, a fly-in and fly-out sort of break, purely from a shoppers view point, particularly if your interest lies in make-up and perfume (most of the names mentioned further on aren’t found in an airport duty free either). It’s been many years since my last visit to Malaysia, and it was one city that I visited often due to friends living there – of course it was a total surprise to ... [ Read More ]

March 30, 2016

Hard to believe that Easter has come and gone where do these months go?! Some retail news follows, A popular retail store The Orchard has relocated to the interesting hub of Jl Raya Kerobokan better than the noisy, hurried precinct of Seminyak central, plus a beautiful home/gift store Silver Lining at Made’s Warung offers us loads of wonderful shopping pleasures! The Orchard – Designer Furniture The ultimate in what is termed ‘Colonial Style’ or ‘The Hamptons’ – super smart furniture that leads the way into the most stylish of homes, villas, resorts and hotels. A wonderful new space (opp. Home ... [ Read More ]


Ah there’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to bring fresh life to your fave dress or your everyday work wear. So, imagine a store full of shoes, not boring shoes mind you, shoes that will create some buzz, some talk, some gossip! fashionable shoes, stylish sports shoes, canvas & colorful espadrilles, shoes rich with sequins & jewels, elegant shoes for the career lady! Definitely not boring shoes! Shoes for guys too, slip on moccasin style, snazzy lace-ups, desert boots and casual sports plus work-wear shoes….there’s a pair for us all at Rado’s Shoes. And best of all, the shoes are Affordable! Bet ... [ Read More ]


Customize your leather designs  Leather is always a popular fashion item on any shopping list and the options are endless for clothing, bags, sandals & boots. Tailored is the newest leather boutique to ‘up the anti’ in showcasing prime leather pieces with distinctive edge. Located on Jl Beraban, it’s really rather easy to find. Walk/bike up the narrow lane next to Ultimo restaurant on Jl Laksmana, continue till you come to Jl Beraban where you turn right, pass Rizal Painting Studio & just a little way along you’ll spot a palm tree loaded with ‘ready to pick’ coconuts, you have now ... [ Read More ]

February 17, 2016

TRIBAL SIGNATURE A focus on Indonesia’s rich culture and tradition in textiles Every island within the Indonesian archipelago contributes to the visual expression of Indonesia. Textiles are a centuries old tradition and play an important role in this unique culture and represent a rich tapestry of color and pattern. Anita Prasetyaningsih is the founder of Tribal Signature a new retail fashion & accessory destination that showcase a host of up to date fashion styles, using a variety of textiles (as follows) crafted by clever Artisans….. Endek: (ikat) found across all islands of Indonesia in it’s many forms, noted by the smudginess of pattern-work. Songet: is finer ... [ Read More ]

February 03, 2016

AMIR HOME COLLECTION Indonesian wood furniture & selected antiques Born, raised and schooled in Kalimantan (Borneo) Amir started out learning the furniture trade from the ground up, first watching the artisans who spent their days crafting wood into furniture; he learnt the numerous techniques of making/finishing furniture, repairing/ polishing, about various woods, particularly teak wood which has become his specialty. Amir was smart, quick and developed ‘a keen eye’ not only in identifying the types of wood but the best way to craft the wood into beautiful pieces. Feeling the grain of wood, looking at the color & how it ... [ Read More ]