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When I see the way some wounds are dressed here it makes me shudder. It wasn’t long ago that the only dressing available here was a roll of gauze and a bottle of bright red mercurochrome. Thankfully the mercurochrome is off the shelves. As the name suggests it does contain mercury and this is why many countries banned the antiseptic solution. Even today I see open wounds dressed with gauze, that adheres to the lesion, ripping the wound open every time the dressing is changed….ouch! Even some supposedly reputable clinics have no idea how to dress a wound in such a way to promote ... [ Read More ]


  When you are living on an Island where medical diagnosis and treatment can sometimes be questionable, it is very tempting to get out your smart-phone or computer and try to sort out exactly what your problem is by yourself. Considering the time you will probably spend in traffic jams and waiting rooms if you want to consult a doctor, many of us feel that such symptom checkers can function as a tool for both diagnosis and treatment.  It’s quick, easy and may help us in a pinch. According to results of a new study (in the USA however), doctors are more effective ... [ Read More ]

SUICIDE…..The Big “WHY??”

Just a few weeks ago, a family friend ended her own life. She was young, vivacious, attractive and very talented. She had some healthproblems which were manageable and she would probably have made a full recovery. She had  apparently spoken about suicide several times, although no one thought that she would actually do it.         Suicide is more common that you might think. Most people that you speak to know someone who has lost a friend or a relative to suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44, with around 3,000 people dying by suicide every year. That’s an average of ... [ Read More ]


STREPTOCOCCUS SUIS Many of you may have seen the warnings regarding the  consumption of locally produced pork recently. The warning concerns particular bacteria, the Streptococcus Suis. This nasty little character can cause Meningitis (brain infection) in humans. Human infection by Strep. suis occurs mainly in adults. It is transmitted through direct contact and often related to exposure through wounds on the skin while handling of the infected pigs or pork. Consumption of raw or undercooked pork is also a concern. S. suis infection can be treated              effectively with antibiotics.   High-risk groups People at risk include pig breeders, abattoir workers, meat processing and transport workers, butchers, and cooks. People ... [ Read More ]


  The race is on to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus.   But what if a drug that already exists could stop an infection in its tracks? According to new research, at least one medication may already be available and is currently used to treat internal parasites (worms). Other classes of drugs considered for Zika – which treat  infections, cancers, and even depression – also showed potential to prevent infection in certain cells tied to fetal defects in pregnant women. Researchers first screened 774 drugs to see if they could protect isolated human cells from a strain of the virus taken from Aedes ... [ Read More ]

DOMESTIC VIOLANCE…Trouble in Paradise

In Indonesia last year at least 154 women were violently killed, most commonly by their husbands and partners. In the same year more than 316,000 experienced domestic violence. The problem is the figures are not precise and are very likely to be an underestimate. Indonesia does not have any consistent or official way of documenting cases of a crime so taboo that women rarely even go to the police to report it. In a country like Indonesia, violence against women is more complicated because it is often related to culture.When a case reaches the police, it is considered a domestic matter, and often she is ... [ Read More ]

HEALTH in 2017 and BEYOND What can we expect?

Medical technology is progressing in leaps and bounds, and for future health care innovations think small, very very small, like microchips so small they fit INSIDE a single cell. While much of this technology is not yet on the general menu, and certainly a long way off being integrated into the Indonesian medical system, it certainly is a taster of what may soon be commonplace. Here are 10 innovative new therapies which may soon change the face of medical treatment for many years to come. Genetically tailored treatment Should you could get medical care tailored just for you based on your genetic information? Studies ... [ Read More ]

BUTEYKO (Boo Tay Ko) Buteyko Breathing Technique

Can This Simple Breathing Technique Can Radically Transform Health? Most of us who care about health generally pay close attention to the food we eat and the water we drink – settling for nothing less than the cleanest and most nutritious choices whenever possible. We exercise, get enough sleep and try our best to keep stress levels down. Even so, we can somehow feel less than vibrant. Whether coping with a serious disease or simply experiencing a sense of chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety, we may wonder what we’re doing wrong. It may surprise you then that many of our health ... [ Read More ]


  Advances in medicine have propelled health care to new heights and a vast array of diagnostic tests and drug therapies is now available. But are we getting too much of a good thing? In this country, no matter what your ailment, you are likely to come away with an array of pills and potions; some may be necessary but a good deal are not. An increasing number of doctors now say that sometimes, “less is more” when it comes to medical interventions. Our relentless pursuit for good health might actually be making us sick. One of the major contributors to the overuse of treatments ... [ Read More ]

CESAREAN SECTION – Too Posh to Push or a Life Saver?

There has been a lot of chat lately on social media regarding birth & cesarean section. Many of the comments from mothers are negative or express disappointment at having been perhaps forced into a surgical birth. C-Section is much more common than ever before. The rate for C-Sections varies greatly between hospitals, practitioners, countries and cultures. Some centers have a C-Section rate of as high as 70-90 %, others as low as 20-30%. (In Bali many doctors have a rate as high as   80-90 %). If you particularly did not want a C-Section choose a birthing facility/practitioner that has a low rate of C-Section. ... [ Read More ]