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Clean Drinking Water for SD2 Pecatu

Nearly three years ago Ms. Lea Hadley, Principal of Harmony Primary School in Western Australia, together with the support of some enthusiastic parents started a school project with SD2 Pecatu School through the Adopt A School Association of WA. Its aim was to broaden the children’s understanding of other cultures, languages and to reinforce Asian Perspectives across the Australian Curriculum. Ms Siobhan Gillam and Ms Lidia MacDonald visited SD2 Pecatu school several times each, and formed a Bali Committee which communicates directly with both schools’ principals and Bali coordinators. At the end of 2015, Harmony Primary School year 6 graduating students kindly raised funds ... [ Read More ]


Noise, or what we perceive as noise is typically measured in decibel. A logarithmic unit expressing the ratio of a physical quantity. Bali in  the year 1930, right at the beginning of tourism, would read a calming 30 decibel of noise, consisting of bird songs, the noise of the ocean, wind in the palm trees, even the sound of the occasional rooster or barking dog in the distance. Pure bliss. Since then, the world, and Bali in particular has come a long way. Our Balinese brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers handed this beautiful island into our hands, to protect and preserve it as they ... [ Read More ]

How YOU can give back to your Bali Community

Many of us come to Bali for a vacation. Some come to help with social causes.  Even more come for personal growth. Bali has over 3 million visitors each year.  All these people bring energy, creativity, and the knowledge to this beautiful island.  If you are one of these people, you can take the opportunity to help the local people here who really do need some help. These are people who you may never have seen while you travel around the island.  Because even though Bali looks like a rich island filled with wealthy hard working people, there are many pockets of desperately poor Balinese ... [ Read More ]

February 1, 2017

Do good by choosing a My RED Envelope business and they’ll do good by giving 10% to charity. You have probably heard about the red envelope given out during Chinese New Year. In the envelope is lucky money  orang pao in Hokkien. My RED Envelope is about lucky money for charities. The money has been raised by customers who buy goods from  businesses, who will give 10% of the total payment to charity. My RED Envelope creates a partnership between businesses and charities for their common good. It is an active example of social responsibility, a term that is being used more and more in the tourism sector where ... [ Read More ]

Short History of the Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

Our club was founded in Ubud in 2008. Only 8 short years ago. Our Rotary Club focuses on Balinese schools, on health, hygiene, and water projects across Bali. Balinese children are in dire need of this help. Some schools in Bali have NO water. No water for even a toilet, much less for washing their hands or drinking. We try and find these schools and help them with these and other situations that make learning difficult. How do we do this? First we find schools, villages, etc.  that need help. Friends, house keepers, even our local Rotaractors provide information of places in need. Then we travel ... [ Read More ]

Bali Geckos Bring Home Asia’s AFL Championship Cup

Bali is not renowned for its sporting teams, but the small island can proudly boast their Australianrules football team as Asian Champions. The Bali Geckos won their first Asia’s AFL Championship Cup (division 2) held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last weekend. 12 teams from all over Asia competed in division 2 this year, with the Bali Geckos defeating the Myanmar Fighting Cocks in a tense grand final. Earlier in the day, Bali defeated Vietnam. Their rotation policy backfired in the second game, costing them a win against Thailand. Against the odds and drawing defending champions the Laos Elephants, the ... [ Read More ]

Peduli Alam – Creating Useable Art from Discarded Packaging

Divers, snorkelers and other visitors to the Amed coast in Karangasem, Northeast Bali have recently been discovering a rare shopping                    opportunity that comes with a terrific, albeit bitter-sweet, backstory. Bali has a major non-organic trash problem. We buy products that are manufactured and sold with too much packaging and all the packaging goes out in the trash. There is no official, island-wide, trash collection, disposal and recycling system so much of our trash is discarded indiscriminately by us or by those who collect it from us. It ends up in fields, rivers and streams. Rain washes it into the oceans and then the currents and ... [ Read More ]

July 20, 2016

Dear Bali Advertiser, I just want to say thank you again for running the ad about the Enchanted Fairy Day (my fund raiser for paralysed dad Darma and his 13 year old son Made) and give you a quick update on how it went. The Enchanted Fairy Day went really well and the kids loved it. The Trans Resort turned out to be the perfect place to hold the event. In the end the classes didn’t raise quite enough but some wonderful members of Rotary Seminyak donated money so that we had enough to buy the motor bike. Then PAR 5 ... [ Read More ]

Made & Darma’s Story

Made is 13 years old.  3 years ago his dad Darma fell out of a tree whilst collecting jack fruit. Darma was paralysed from the waist down and spent the next 2 years laying on a bed in a smoky, dark Balinese kitchen. When found by Puspadi Bali, their mobile rehabilitation unit swung into action and Darma was given the medical treatment he needed. Hisbed sores were so severe it took Puspadi 1 year to treat them. Just 9 years old at the time, Made had to leave school to look after his father. With the bed sores now healed Puspadi Bali physio Putu has helped Darma build his upper ... [ Read More ]


  For those of us who fall in love with the Island of Bali and the beautiful Balinese people and their hospitality, we immediately know this is the destination for our next holiday, or we set the ultimate goal of one day making Bali our home. No matter what your personal thoughts are about your own Government’s Welfare system, here in Bali things are very different for the sick, the poor and the unemployed. If you are unemployed or you did not make one sale in your *shop or market stall today, then the general reply when you ask if ... [ Read More ]