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Developing Dignity and Understanding of Ability and Disability in Bali

Like many people, Aris was retrenched after the ‘Bali bombs’ and had to try to make a living any way he could. He spent most of this time busking his guitar on Kuta beach in order to pay his meager rent and to eat. It was on the beach that he met a Dutchman who worked as a volunteer for Yayasan Senang Hati, or the Happy Hearts Foundation. This man noticed that Aris has a physical disability and offered to introduce him to Happy Hearts, who have a range of services and facilities for use by disabled people in Bali. ... [ Read More ]

“Harm Reduction – One to think about”

Assessing the situation of injecting drug users anywhere calls for special knowledge and skills. People with such attributes are often those who have themselves tread the path of addiction, but have survived, recovered and then committed themselves to working in this challenging area. One group that specializes in this field in Bali goes by the name of Yayasan Mata Hati and is based in Batu Bulan. Yayasan Mata Hati was established in July 2004. The founding team had previously worked with Yayasan Hati Hati, who run outreach programmes to drug users in the Denpasar and Kuta areas. Yayasan Mata Hati ... [ Read More ]

Fostering Better Futures

The Jodie O’Shea Orphanage is a safe, happy place where 22 children between the ages of 2 and 18 are currently living under the care of 4 full-time ‘house parents’, supervised by founders Alison Chester and (Ri)Yanto Samadi. Jodie O’Shea died in the second Bali Bomb incident, and to honour her memory and her love of Bali, Jodie’s family in Australia bequeathed funds to the orphanage and its name was established. The orphanage is located in the quiet ‘Jadi Pesona’ housing complex in southern Denpasar, tucked away between family homes and the rapidly-diminishing rice fields that characterize so much of ... [ Read More ]

Improving waste management and environmental quality through education

Have you ever noticed the sign for ‘Hotel Santai’ and the Fair Trade Outlet when driving down Jl. D. Tamblingan, the main road adjacent to Sanur’s main beach? They have been on the premises for the past 10 years but are somewhat hard to discern amongst the plethora of signs crowded through that strip. Even less apparent from the street is the very important set of activities that is funded – in part – through the profits they generate. The budget hotel, with street side restaurant, internet and seminar facilities, has been operated as part of the income-generating activities of ... [ Read More ]

“Open your eyes and let the future in”

Hi and welcome to 2007. This year Non-Profit News is back offering information about the myriad ways that people are helping people here in Bali, as well as sharing ideas about the nature of development and thoughts on the different types of support that we can extend to others during our time here in Bali and indeed here on Earth. I have taken over the writing of Non-Profit news from the previous author. Social, cultural, economic, humanitarian and related initiatives are some of personal and professional interests and I’ve been working in the development sector over the past 15 years. ... [ Read More ]

Where the Rice Will Grow – Revisiting Sustainable Agriculture in Balinese Farmlands

Two Wayans, a husband and wife that are members of a farmers’ group in Selat village, Badung Regency, planted their latest crop of rice in December. In the Balinese tradition, Ibu Wayan planted and will harvest the rice with the help of her relatives and fellow farmer group friends, whereas Mr Wayan does the ‘maintenance’ of their field, tending the plants, weeding, clearing snails and so forth, as well as setting lengths of string tied with plastic and cloth tags to flap in the wind and hopefully frighten away hungry birds. When the couple is ready to plant again in ... [ Read More ]

Women, families and society – healthier choices and a peaceful future

Several years ago, Indian economist, academic and Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen summarised his thinking about development in terms of freedom, elaborating a view of poverty defined by an absences of substantive freedom, ‘capabilities’ or choices. Freedom is both constitutive of development and instrumental to it; in other words, there are many different but interconnected types of freedom. This essence of Sen’s much deeper and more far-reaching theories on development and the predicament of the world’s masses that live in poverty is applicable in many of the day-to-day scenarios of people’s lives – even starting before and during birth. In ... [ Read More ]

Introducing a Dialogue of Non-Violence

At some time or another most of us have felt less-than-happy with the way things played out between ourselves and a friend, a lover, a colleague, a boss, or perhaps even with a stranger. Following a particular exchange, we might go over in our mind the pattern of “he said”, “I said”, “I wish I had said”….and may be left with a feeling of dissatisfaction or sadness when we’ve not been able to communicate as we would have liked to. Sometimes we wonder more generally why it is that it can be so difficult to communicate effectively with others, and ... [ Read More ]

Bali Plus – Supporting People With AIDS

Being HIV Positive (+) is not the end of the world but it does bring with it some serious challenges. One HIV+ woman in Denpasar explained, “Some of the things we need to share with each other are how to tell your partner you are positive, and how to approach important life milestones and desires such as career or having a child, for example”. Issues such as how to deal with ill-informed health workers, stigma and discrimination from family and community members are other topics of discussion amongst HIV+ people in Bali, who find that many medical professionals have limited ... [ Read More ]

The Truth About Handicrafts

The road to success in the world of handicraft business in Bali is seldom a straight one. There are financial issues, problems with raw materials, greedy middlemen and many other bumps on the road to overcome. Few people know this better than souvenir producer, Ibu Sunati. Three years ago, Sunati was under the impression that she was a step closer to having a successful business- she received a large order from an Australian buyer for a shipment of basket-woven tissue box holders. Once the products were made, Sunati was given a cheque for 25 million rupiahs (approximately US$2,600) from a ... [ Read More ]