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Traditional Local Treatments

As you make your way round Bali you will come across therapies not just from local shores, but all over the world. But what could be better than taking a traditional treatment in the place it was conceived? The Balinese have a long history of healing, especially in Ubud, whose name is derived from the word “Ubad” meaning “medicine”. Jamu is the natural herbal-based medicine of Indonesia, and herbs and spices are also used as the base for massage oils and other treatments. Here is how to chose which of the treatments on offer you would like to try, and ... [ Read More ]

Some Strategies to Reduce Debt

Money is still on the minds of many so this edition I am going to talk about some strategies to reduce debt, work with a family budget and save money. As I mentioned in the New Years Resolutions list, spending within your means is natural living. Previously money was a direct equivalent of energy and personal labour, and future efforts could not be drawn upon. Nowadays, many money transactions don’t even involve the use of physical notes or coins. Money can be used from imagined future efforts so we can spend now. But as we know, this instant gratification has ... [ Read More ]

Put The Kettle On, Let’s Have a Cup of Tea

Tea is any leaf, root, spice, seed, stalk, bark, fruit or flower which has been brewed with boiling water. In many countries it is a great tradition to drink tea, with most countries favouring a certain type. Tea seems to have originated in China around 5000 years ago. These days of course, there are a multitude of teas available, not just the common black tea. Herbal teas are now more popular due to their healing properties. Green Tea Provides the greatest known health benefits of all the teas as it retains more vitamins and minerals than other teas. Strong antioxidant ... [ Read More ]

Earth Day

Wednesday April 22nd is Earth Day. It’s a great initiative to raise awareness about our planet and get everyone involved in taking steps to protect it. Try to join in some of the local based events that are going on near you. Otherwise do a little something at home, preferably including your kids in the fun, and showing them the importance of caring for the world and its’ environment. In order for us to reverse the negative impact we are having on the planet, we have to change our attitudes, mind set and habits. This can be done step-by-step, and ... [ Read More ]


The air around us is invisible, but vital to life. Man can live for days without food, hours without water, but only seconds without oxygen. Air is composed of approximately 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and less than 1% carbon dioxide. Nitrogen is an inert gas which is not necessary for us to exist, oxygen however is vital. Without it we can not survive for more than a few minutes. Carbon dioxide is the waste product of the process which occurs when we breathe. You may wonder how the level of oxygen in the air stays the same if we are ... [ Read More ]

Storing Your Food

In the last article I explained how to chose your food to ensure maximum freshness, and therefore maximum nutritional benefit. I also noted that seasonal, local, organic foodstuffs are the best choice for both your body and the environment and even your conscience, by providing ethical choices. In this article I am going to discuss the best way to now store your food to once again give you and your family the best. Next article I will talk about how to prepare your food. Storing Food for Health Fresh food quickly goes “off”. It would be ideal if we could ... [ Read More ]

Healthy Eating: Part One: Food Selection

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison” is an old saying which tells us that the food that is good for me and my body is not necessarily good for you and your body. However, in order to eat a balanced, healthy diet we can all follow a few basic rules. Food’s main role in our lives is as fuel. It provides us with the energy our bodies require to function. Food energy is measured in calories. Our calorie intake in the form of food should be equal to the amount of calories needed by the body to carry out ... [ Read More ]

Natural Living: Be An Eco-Worker

We may not necessarily all work in an environmentally friendly place, company or job. However, we can still do our individual best to lessen our personal impact on the environment in our workplace. As well as letting your boss and colleagues know that you are working to save the planet, you are in fact also reducing costs for the company. Turn up the air conditioning temperature by just one degree. Don’t worry, you won’t be a sweaty mess before lunch, your body will quickly get used to the change. For a one degree celsius increase you are not only using ... [ Read More ]

How to Prepare and Cook your Food?

In the last two articles we have learned how to select and store our food stuffs for maximum health benefits. Now we are going to find out how to prepare and cook our food to benefit our health in the way we desire. Last Minute Preparation is Best All food is best prepared as freshly as possible. Of course it is not always possible to cook every meal right before we eat it, but you should try to cook as close as practicably possible to eating. As reheating food destroys some vitamins and minerals, you should try to re-heat food ... [ Read More ]

Fresh Fruits for Good Health

The ancient Indian system of medicine and natural living, Ayurveda, considers fruits vitally important in maintaining health. Ayurveda suggests eating fruit daily in the morning for most benefit. Living in Bali we are lucky to have access to an abundance of rich, life-giving tropical, and non-tropical fruits. All fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and prevent sickness. They also all contain natural sugars which provide the body with a fast supply of energy, balancing blood sugar. Incorporate fruits into your diet in their whole form and as juices. Don’t forget though that juices, whilst ... [ Read More ]