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Back to Basics

It is suffice to say that without our health, we would really have nothing. It has become more and more apparent that health has become a big business and through the years we have been bombarded with a plethora of weight loss pills, fat burning drinks, ‘the latest diet’ and gadgets such as a belt that sends an electrical current to your muscles which ‘allows you to do 1000 sit ups in 10 minutes while you are sitting in your car’. The downside is that these ‘quick fixes’ have become part of the norm. Even when we are at the ... [ Read More ]

Emotional Self-Management

Do your emotions dictate your character? Do you identify yourself based on your emotions? Do other people refer to you in terms of your emotional conditions? For example, she’s always so sensitive, watch how you speak to her. He’s a real hot-head; you may want to stay away. She is moody; you never know what you’re in for when you talk to her. There are many different types of emotions that unfold or erupt continuously in our lives that start from the moment we wake up each morning. But are you being run by your emotions and think that you ... [ Read More ]

In Attachment

Most everyone at some point in their life becomes attached to some thing, some person, some emotion, some place or some cause. The list of possible attachments is extensive. However, when do we realize we are attached? How do we know we are attached? More importantly, is there a problem with being attached? According to mental health diagnostic manuals in the West and spiritual teachers of the East, attachment can most definitely become a problem, a problem that can weigh so heavily that it debilitates ones own growth and freedom. Attachment comes in many different guises. For instant, people can ... [ Read More ]

Guilt is an emotion

Guilt is an emotion that can be associated with feeling of remorseful, feeling culpable, or feeling personably responsible for something in the past or something in the future that may happen. It is an emotion that overshadows the potential of complete fulfillment in ones life and hinders personal growth. Guilt is also a common emotion but how many of us relate to the feelings of guilt in ourselves. How many of us are able to identify where guilt is sabotaging our life? For some, guilt can be falsely identified or dismissed as a natural emotional response that is beyond ones ... [ Read More ]

Responding vs. Reacting in Life

Often time people don’t notice the difference between responding to something and reacting to something. Both require an action and both are usually instigated by a situation or cause outside of oneself. But the difference between these two behaviors can be quite profound. The difference between responding versus reacting means a bad situation can becoming worse or a bad situation can become better. Or the opposite can happen. The choice in behavior can make a good situation bad or a good situation even better. The importance of recognizing the two choices in your life is significant. The act of responding ... [ Read More ]

Being Kind… … To Yourself!

How many times a day do you think of something good about yourself? Something that makes you happy and smile… How often do you say something kind to yourself? Do you remember the last time you said a nice thing to yourself and really believed it? How many times a day do you recognize your efforts and the work you put forward toward reaching your goals or acknowledging your strengths at reaching your goals? Like most people, the number of compliments and nice things that you say to yourself is probably a lot lower than the number of negative comments, ... [ Read More ]

Finding Purpose

There always seems to come a time in one’s life when the questions come up; what am I doing with my life? Where am I going? This doesn’t interest me anymore, but what else can I do? Sometimes these questions come early in life, when we graduate from school, begin looking for a job, start a business or think about continuing with education. But sometimes it comes when we least expect it. Sometimes, the question will come out of the blue, when you are sitting in the car, eating a bowl of soup or taking a walk, for example – ... [ Read More ]

2009 – Slowing Down to Get Ahead

Why does it seem that as we get older time goes by faster and faster? Suddenly, before we know it, we are at the end of the year looking back reminiscing and seeing a blur of activity. As we travel through our lives there seems to be a pace required in order to make things happen, to accomplish goals, to complete tasks or to just stay afloat. With the technical advances in the world today, this self-made pace that we have surrendered to seems to require more speed in order to keep up. However, do we really get more accomplished ... [ Read More ]

Life’s Challenges

There is no doubt that we are living in times of change. Some of these changes we appreciate and enjoy, like the increasing availability of organic foods or technology that allows super-speedy connections. Many of these changes however are based on uncertainties. These uncertainties, when not in check, can become infused with fear. This fear can then breed unnecessary anxiety. Anxiety is not uncommon in times of uncertainty. However, it’s important to not let these anxious times become debilitating. Anxiety can be defined as a fear of an imagined future based event. It is a thinking condition with thoughts that ... [ Read More ]

Living Well… . Any Time

Living well is a state or condition most people strive for and set their personal goals around. The components that involve this state usually involve the realms of health, wealth and feeling passion. A particular portion of each of these components is usually required to attain what many perceive as the overall balance of living well. But there is a particular concept that flows through each of these components that must be present for one to truly move through life in an optimum manner, regardless of outside circumstances or conditions. This concept is the continuous practice of gratitude. When the ... [ Read More ]