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November 23, 2016

If you made it through the last fortnight then you’ll be reading this and hoping for some good or better news. The Sun is in the less intense sign of Sagittarius now and this means fire and movement and a New Moon heralds the beginning of this next cycle on the 23rd. Mercury and Saturn are also in Sagittarius and both in trine or harmoniously linked to Uranus. Communication is forthright and radical and so too are those in charge or the more Saturnian types. There’s a strong push for the Truth based on the individuals’ opinions and hopefully backed by something solid or tangible and a strong ... [ Read More ]

November 9, 2016

This fortnight promises to keep up with the interesting twists and turns of events, fate or karma we’ve been experiencing of late.  Mars moves from that very pragmatic, traditional and status seeking sign of Capricorn and into Aquarius as the fortnight unfolds. Aquarius is far more humanitarian in nature and definitely quirky, erratic and decidedly unpredictable and yet very caring and community oriented. Venus now takes her turn in Capricorn and our values are more aligned with a traditional approach, as too are our relationships. Mercury transitions from the depths of Scorpio and back into the light of day to shoot ... [ Read More ]

October 26, 2016

The New Moon early this fortnight is conjoined Mercury and of course the Sun, all in the sign of Scorpio. These planets create a harmonious aspect to Neptune and the South Node in Pisces and promote a time of emotionally powerful connections with others through communication. The last two weeks have seen Mars join with Pluto and now square off to Uranus. This is a furthering of the theme of the past few years when Uranus and Pluto were in their square aspect. Mars promotes action and in the realm of the wild card verses the establishment. The walls are coming down ... [ Read More ]

October 12, 2016

The Full Moon kick starts this fortnight with a good dose of rocket fuel to get things moving in your life. Uranus is conjunct the Full Moon Aries and therefore opposing the Sun in Libra and promises some unexpected or surprising events on or around the date. Mercury also in the sign of Libra is squared off to Pluto and Mars who are coming into an exact conjunction this fortnight. There are sure to be some arguments or disagreements with this combination. Mars as the lower octave of Pluto is igniting that rocket fuel I mentioned earlier, but on a ... [ Read More ]

September 28, 2016

As the fortnight begins we find ourselves with a Libran New Moon that is sure to bring a strong desire for relating. There’s a square to Pluto from the Sun/Moon conjunction bringing transformation and probable endings.  Saturn in Sagittarius will pull into an exact square to the Moon’s Nodes this fortnight and is in play from the New Moon. Karmic forces are at work bringing meetings with important people who are sure to change your life. Mars recently moved into the sign of Capricorn and is square to Jupiter (fresh in Libra) and this highlights the need for action within relationships ... [ Read More ]

September 14, 2016

Our fortnight begins with the Lunar Eclipse and in Bali centres around the topic of shared resources and the service related to them. Chiron is close to this moon and will bring healing in this area over the coming months. Mercury is close to the Sun on Full Moon and will go direct again on the 22nd, right before the Sun enters Libra to mark the spring equinox. We are all still in revision until then and as this retrograde Mercury joins the North Node as it stations, there will be a reminder of the commitments we made back in early August. ... [ Read More ]

August 31, 2016

This is a particularly powerful fortnight starting with a New Moon Eclipse in the sign of Virgo. Mercury also in the same sign has just turned retrograde and will stay in Virgo until the beginning of October. A mental, intellectual and analytical time of reviewing the potent power of the human mind or in its negative expression, worry, anxiety and mental obsession.  Jupiter moves into Libra on the 9th where it will stay for the next year and meets with Mercury early in the fortnight in the last degrees of Virgo. Their first connect was on August 23rd and the final ... [ Read More ]


Just take a look at the world today. Agression seems to be on the rise, from schools right up to global politics. Recent studies suggest that there could be a chemical reason why our behaviour could be changing for the worse, and that chemical is LEAD. Studies show the crime waves that have afflicted many parts of the world and then, collapsed, have been associated, to the rise and fall in the use of lead-based paint and leaded petrol. Studies between cities, states and nations show that the rise and fall in crime follows, with a roughly 20-year lag, the ... [ Read More ]

August 3, 2016

Mars returns to the sign of Sagittarius and the New Moon in Leo, begins this fortnight. We are finally out of the Scorpio phase of this Mars cycle and the shift will be noticeable now; particularly when we get past the retrograde turning degree on the 23rd. The New Moon/Sun combination is in a trine (harmonious aspect) to Saturn also in Sagittarius. After giving its directives to the pair Saturn will move forward on the 13th and enters new degrees by the end of November. The fire signs are more masculine in nature and action oriented. Leo is all about ... [ Read More ]

July 20, 2016

The fortnight starts with the Full Moon in Capricorn and the Sun now takes up a leg in our Grand Water Trine which includes Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Healing the masculine through deep and thorough emotional purging is your potential and with Saturn still creating a T-square to the Moon’s nodes and Neptune, a necessary part of your soul’s evolution. There is a strong chance of being overwhelmed and a feeling of impending danger of an unknown nature. As confusion, lies, avoidance and deception are systematically unveiled through the revelation of truth you will be able to make decisions ... [ Read More ]