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Collaborating to Make the World a Better Place

Two NGO’s have come together to create an even stronger impact on the world: Bali Kids and KOTO – Know One-Teach One. Bali Kids’ primary goal is to assist sick and orphaned children throughout Bali, providing much needed health education, and offering a wide range of medical services including expert treatment for children that are HIV+. Established in 2004, Bali Kids reaches out to more than 6,000 disadvantaged children each year. KOTO was established in Vietnam in 1999 with the mission of providing a practical pathway to employment for disadvantaged youth. Their first training center began in Hanoi in 2002 ... [ Read More ]

Practitioners in Preservation

Samdhana, in Sanskrit, means a peaceful coming together, a giving back. “The Samdhana Institute’s vision is for a region where natural, cultural and spiritual diversity are valued and environmental conflicts are resolved peacefully, with justice and equity for all parties. Achieving this requires that communities who directly manage their local natural resources have clear rights, ready recourse to justice, strong and skilled leadership, stable financial resources and access to appropriate technical support.” (Samdhana website) “Samdhana is an association of fellows who are practitioners in preservation. They are working towards finding ways to sustain community based natural resource management, by passing ... [ Read More ]

For the Love of Bali Dogs By Michele Cempaka

On Sunday afternoon after the Bali Meditates Festival, I made my way through the Ubud traffic to the BAWA shop on Monkey Forrest road. I met Deb, who was quite busy caring for the dogs and running the shop. I noticed an uneaten sandwich on the desk which looked like it had been sitting there for awhile. I guessed that she was so engrossed with caring for the dogs that she had forgotten to eat. A few minutes later Kim showed up – an Australian volunteer who has been volunteering at Bawa for the past two years. Her role in ... [ Read More ]

Promoting Education for Indonesian Youth

In 2007, just after the second bombing on Bali, Karuna Bali Foundation (KBF) was founded by Wayan Rustiasa and his wife Ni Iluh Warsini, supported by Roger Miles, fondly known as Raj and Susan Starlard. “We wandered around and talked to taxi drivers and waitresses and saw that not much was going on for them – their future possibilities seemed quite limited. Computers were relatively scarce in those days. Wayan had just started an internet café, so I came over and asked him if I brought some kids over, would he be willing to show them how to use the ... [ Read More ]

Educating & Training Indonesian Youth for a Better Future

When I arrived at Suly Resort on a Sunday, I was surprised to see so many people hard at work. There was a buzz in the air and I noticed that the staff was always smiling – genuine smiles that gleamed with confidence and contentment. I had arranged to meet with Andrea, a volunteer at the resort, and Ibu Rini, the owner and conceptor of Suly Resort, as I was interested in their commitment to offering socially responsible tourism. Suly resort and Spa is really more like a Bali Heritage Village (BHV). The resort has its own yayasan: Bali Global ... [ Read More ]

Building Bridges of Friendship

What do India and Bali have in common? Most Indonesians have greatly admired and in many instances even modeled their own classical dances after India’s. And of course the iconic Bollywood movies are ever present on local television for everyone’s enjoyment. There is something quite enchanting about Indian culture and its strong connection to Bali and the ancient Hindu practice which still exists today. The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) on Bali was established in 2004 with the purpose of creating a cultural exchange program between India and Bali, as well as other regions throughout Indonesia. In order for people to ... [ Read More ]

MUM’s the Word By Michele Cempaka

As a result of the Bali bombing in 2002, Mum Foundation was formed. They are a fully registered Indonesian based non-profit organization with a charter to perform social activities including: Formal and non-formal institutions, orphanages and homes for the elderly, hospital clinics and laboratories and sport and other training facilities. Richard Flax, the co-founder and original conceptor of MUM along with many others, realized that the problems that they were trying to resolve were as much a problem of education and people duplicating their efforts, as not having the tools to solve significant challenges. “We realized that probably the most ... [ Read More ]

An Oasis for the Community

In 2011, the owner Chris Sampson and a couple of his friends spent a lot of time on the beach near what is now ‘Power of Now Oasis’ (P.O.N.). Every morning they practiced yoga on the beach. People began coming and asking them about their yoga practice, wanting to be a part of what they were doing. This was the catalyst for them conceiving P.O.N. They realized that it was time to move from the beach into a beautiful bamboo building and make it into a community center so that everyone could share yoga, meditation, Chi Gong and whatever else ... [ Read More ]

Having Sight is a Human Right

“One of the most fantastic things that Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, the governor of Bali said to me is, ‘what we need John, is suitable technology to help us,’” said John Fawcett, CEO & Founder of YKI (Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia, otherwise known as the John Fawcett Foundation. Who would have known that this seed that had been planted into John Fawcett’s head 26 years ago, would eventually blossom into the John Fawcett Foundation. At that time, their mission was to provide surgery for low income children throughout Indonesia, who were born with cleft lips and other facial deformities, so that ... [ Read More ]

The Inextricable Link By Michele Cempaka

R.O.L.E. Foundation (Rivers, Oceans, Land, Ecology) has a big mission; some might say even grandiose, but it is their vision and belief that the lives of disadvantaged people on Bali can be greatly improved that keeps R.O.L.E. going full steam ahead with their programs. So what does R.O.L.E. do? The foundation locates, appraises and negotiates on behalf of potential women students from needy or disadvantaged backgrounds, between the ages of 15 – 50 years old. These women are underpaid, often illiterate and unskilled. Many have dropped out of school because they can no longer afford to continue their education. Some ... [ Read More ]