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Waka Day Trip Sail to Nusa Lembongan

“It was only a day trip but it felt a lot longer.” Anis from Asia World Bali has a totally different feel when you go sailing. The views are sensational and it is surprising how big Mt Agung really is. From the sea it is huge and completely dominates the surrounding topography. Also being out on the ocean is a sure way to relax and can be a welcome break for those just visiting or for those that have made Bali their home. You can meet some new people, enjoy the ocean, soak up the panorama, take photos and don’t ... [ Read More ]

Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally Yachts Here in May

“The excitement is mounting.” Marina Valmadre – Media Spokesperson for Fremantle Sailing Club The trigger for the starting gun for this year’s Wonderful Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally 2013 will be pulled on May 4 in the waters just off the Fremantle Sailing Club in Western Australia. The event which is sponsored by the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy under the banner of Wonderful Indonesia is recognition of the growing importance of attracting overseas Skippers to sail in Indonesian waters. The government is bending over backwards to get more yachts here as the ... [ Read More ]

Party like a Pirate

“I love Phinisi boats. They are big and beamy and have plenty of room and are very safe. Hardly felt the boat move at all.” Happy customer on Pirate Dinner Cruise. Sunsets in Bali are surreal. Even more so when you are on the upper deck of big Phinisi yacht leaving Benoa Harbour with a whole bunch of people dressed as pirates. Underneath the iridescent skyline are the emerging lights of Tanjung Benoa that sparkle amid the wailing of the mullahs calling the devout to prayer. The occasion is memorable and is only the start of the Pirate Dinner Cruise ... [ Read More ]

Where are the Yachts?

Being the only dedicated sailing journalist in the whole of Indonesia is hard task. The biggest problem is finding something to write about. If you don’t believe me go to any beachside café here in Bali and count the yachts you see out on the water. If you are up early you might see a few catamarans leaving Benoa Harbour taking a group of happy tourists to Nusa Lembongan but on the Kuta side it is a very rare event to see set sails billowing in the wind. It is not that there is no calling for it because you ... [ Read More ]

From the Sea Articles in 2013

From the Sea Articles in 2013 Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you that are reading this and may all your dreams come true in 2014. Sounds a bit ‘ginger peachy’ but it is, at this time of year, that many of us do pause and think, to take stock of the year nearly finished and make new year resolutions for the year to come. So I wish y’all well. Especially to all those that I have interviewed and written about this year who obligingly gave up their time and showed me what they are up to. ... [ Read More ]

Sail 2 Indonesia Rally 2014 Announced

Yet another high profile international sailing event in Indonesian waters has been announced. In an exciting development the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the New Zealand based Island Cruising Association have reached agreement on an event that will see skippers from New Zealand and beyond cruising through Indonesia’s unique waters. Under the banner of Sail 2 Indonesia 2014 the organisers hope to encourage skippers from New Zealand, the eastern seaboard of Australia and solo world cruisers in the West Pacific to join in what can only be described as a fantastic opportunity to cruise through some of ... [ Read More ]

Sailing Wanitas – Rose de Freycinet in Timor in 1818

“I am agitated by a thousand fears.” Rose de Freycinet in a letter to her mother in 1817. Rose de Freycinet (b1794 – d1832) was a remarkable and brave French woman who in 1817, at 22 years old, snuck on board the French corvette Uranie to join her somewhat older husband, Captain Louis de Freycinet (b1779 to d1841) on a three year circumnavigation of scientific discovery. She chopped off her hair, dressed as a man and hid on board until the Uranie departed the port of Toulon. This caused a huge controversy in France because at the time it was ... [ Read More ]

Sailing with the Experts

It amazing sometimes what you can learn when you are talking with interesting people. In this case it was Joris Kolijn, General Manager of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures. For example, did you know that Alfred Russell Wallace formulated the theory of natural selection while lying in bed with a raging fever in Ternate here in Indonesia? And that he immediately wrote a letter to Charles Darwin and so began the discussion that eventually led to the publication of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Also one of the smaller Spice Islands was traded by the English to the Dutch for a swampy bit ... [ Read More ]

Sail Indonesia Rally 2013

The annual Sail Indonesia Rally is under way. About 80 yachts left Darwin Australia on Saturday 27 July for what must be one of the most remarkable sailing events going. Yachts from all over the world gathered in Darwin before the start to get their yachts ready, attend the famous Farewell BBQ, get their final sailing instructions and glide past the start boat to begin a three month sailing odyssey through the beautiful waters of Indonesia. Skippers can buddy up and cruise in company with one or more yachts and feel secure they are not alone if anything goes wrong. ... [ Read More ]

80 Yachts Party at Lovina

It was a spectacular sight. Over 80 yachts anchored in the tranquil waters off Lovina Beach in North Bali. The night could not have been better as the excited locals gathered towards the brightly coloured stage awaiting the start of the official welcome party. The Bupati was there sitting in the front row along with other dignitaries from the Buleleng Regency. Their attendance displays their commitment and generosity in welcoming the Sail Indonesia 2013 Rally fleet to Lovina. Sail Indonesia 2013 coordinator David Woodhouse said the event is “going from strength to strength and was especially gratified with the welcome ... [ Read More ]