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Go Japanese at Papaya!

There is nothing as nice & light as Japanese cuisine, so for a healthy start to the year be sure that PAPAYA the only Japanese supermarket in Bali is on your shopping trek. A visit to this super clean store is rather refreshing & even if a total Japanese diet isn’t your ‘bag’ you will find a host of produce & product here to satisfy your appetite! As one enters the store, you hear the staff calling messages of greetings to you, which are picked up by other staff members, greetings reverberate around the entire store making you feel their ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – March 24, 2010

Plenty of juicy baby mandarins to get your teeth into & rambutans, (do you know what the difference is between a rambutan & a lychee – okay go on, send me a note!) you’ll find all these healthy fruits in stores now & buy the local oranges far juicier & better tasting than the imports! All of these fruits will keep those ‘bugs’ at bay, too many colds & flu around, even though it’s so darn hot……. Makro – the original shopping warehouse, but then Carrefour came along! I decided to take a visit to Makro recently, a place that ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – February 24, 2010

It’s always good to know ‘the spots’ around town where one can buy a block of cheese & a bread roll, plenty of options abound. But, what if you hail from Korea & want to buy some of your favorite foods? Read on… BALI KOREAN MARKET I must confess I don’t know much about Korean food, apart from the well known hot spicy vegetable mix, called Kimchi. So, after speaking with Nak Hwa, Son (known as Son) the owner of the business I am a little more enlightened. She was most engaging, running from counter to counter to get various ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – December 30, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! countdown now on for 20/10 and, how are YOU celebrating? One can’t go wrong with a visit to the Bali Catering Company, better known as BCC on Jalan Petitenget, a mecca for one’s taste buds. Honestly, the Gourmet Shop offers some of the best prepared food product in town, as good as anywhere in the world! There are plenty of suggestions around on where to go for New Years Eve dinner celebrations however, if you just want to chill at home, there are many ideas for a mini feast for one & two to share, from the ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – December 2, 2009

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY TIME IS HERE AGAIN – and for most it means enjoying time with family & friends, with ‘more than usual’ entertaining. Now if you are staying in Bali for Christmas, then you need to be thinking about what is going on your menu this season? Following is a round-up of some stores that am sure won’t disappoint, in terms of ‘foodie shopping pleasure.’ Lastly, don’t forget your Green bag or similar & the Esky or Cool Box to keep food cold. Pepito – 31 Kediri No 36A, Tuban, Kuta 759 112 Will be all ‘dressed up’ for ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – November 4, 2009

It’s November already, soon it’s Thanksgiving and then, moving into the holiday/festive season, time to check out the supermarkets/gourmet stores for – turkeys, hams, pork, cranberry sauce & other yummy condiments that make for a delicious lunch or dinner. The best produce moves quickly, so get in early, you won’t be disappointed. Order early, check out what will be in season, start making your puddings, seasonal cakes & shortbread, if you haven’t done so already. And, if cooking is not on your agenda, a very good idea is to book NOW for the restaurant of your choice. HARDY’S SANUR – ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – October 7, 2009

As time moves on, how many readers have heard of, or shopped at Pepito in Tuban? This was definitely a secret some time back, but the word is now out! It’s a mix of Bali Deli, sort of, Carrefour, sort of, and a touch of Ace. Meaning that, the fresh foods on display are excellent and there is some bulk supply of produce and lots of other departments that should fulfill most people’s requirements! a growing food operation that is serious on taking Bali by storm! When I walked into store the other day, I was bowled over by the ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – 9 September 2009

Food is always top of mind on a daily basis for most people whatever we do we all want to know what’s on the menu? Some folk are disciplined, plan their weekly shopping & buy accordingly, and others leave it to the very last minute. However, if you fall into the latter group, you really have to start thinking early in the day, over a good cup of coffee! So then, wherever you are, take a good look around the café and see if there is food (or part of) for dinner? Now let your fingers do the walking & ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – August 12, 2009

Summertime and the eating is easy – most people love fish & here in Bali, fish is plentiful. However, there’s definitely a knack in the preparation (usually one’s pembantu knows) but if you are preparing yourself, then following are a few tips that will ensure that your fish has been cleaned well prior to the cooking. Cleaning prawns – after removing the head & shell, leaving the tail shell intact, make sure to slit the back from head to tail to remove the dark waste matter that collects & rinse well in aqua. Cleaning mussels – to ensure that each ... [ Read More ]

Food Talk – July 15, 2009

What to eat? It’s not too hot, the sun is shining, perfect for entertaining! Read more for some inspiration….. DIJON – Now, this is a real little gem! tucked away off on Kuta Poleng Mall, just off the Simpang Siur. T: 759 636 F: 759 783 E: Susan is ‘the face’ of Dijon, an American by birth, she runs a real slick operation, has lived here for years so knows the score, and the best thing is, she ‘listens to her customers’ & will go all out to please. There is a lovely ‘home feel’ that comes across, the ... [ Read More ]