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Eco Buzz – September 19, 2012

Mount Batukaru – Sarinbuana Eco Lodge The success of Bali Eco Stay (day 2 – eco excursions) is, in part, due to their serendipitous meeting a few years earlier with some real Bali eco pioneers. And so to my next eco hosts I go. A little further up the mountain Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, born as a humble personal getaway in 1989, has been lovingly nurtured by its parents Norma and Linda vant Hoff into its present status as a fully fledged, 100% guaranteed, eco lodge. These guys are some of the original innovators and developers for eco tourism in Bali. ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – September 05, 2012

Day 2 – Eco Excursions MT Batukaru – Bali Eco Stay I’ve been broken in after my stay at Swasti Eco Resort: I am a serene, organically fed, aesthetically enchanted, ethically superior being and so my next destination is going to have to make me really swoon. Fortunately, Bali Eco Stay, that is not going to be a problem. For starters you are stunningly, heavenly beautiful. Nestled on a hillside in a truly pristine part of Bali. A few bungalows leisurely sprinkled along a pure, gentle, iridescent mountainside river with smooth stoned pools arranged just the way any visually discerning ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – August 22, 2012

Day 1 – Eco Excursions – Ubud I found myself sitting at Swasti Eco Cottages in Ubud one Saturday afternoon hours after a deliciously late night in Seminyak.  Not that I had lost myself of course, but it is nearly possible after a few too many nights doing what one does in Seminyak.  It is conceivable that the only environmentally responsible act I performed last night was dancing barefoot in the sand and now …I’m a little tender and frankly in need of TLC.  Which is exactly what I got when I walked into the bungalow of LOVE. My dear ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – August 8, 2012

If there was an Indonesian answer to the grunge melodies of legendry band Nirvana – Navicula is it. As one of ten finalists in the Rode Rocks International Band Competition, they are ogling a career-shifting trip to LA with a visit to the Record Plant Recording Studios. Self described green grunge gentlemen Navicula are passionately dedicated, through their music and performance, to tackling Indonesia’s environmental blunders. But to win they need your votes, which can be easily placed at It’s all good xx Anyone who has visited Carrefour recently will have noticed the encouraging “about face” regarding the use, ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – June 27, 2012

DYING TO ENTERTAIN YOU I have a magical sunset memory of launching our newly purchased Canadian canoe into the river for the first time, quietly gliding on the still water, pink skies, our one year old boy wide eyed. My visual cliché became ridiculously heartwarming the moment a couple of playful dolphins surfaced, frolicking at arms length and escorted us safely on our adventure. The Ancient Greeks would have believed this to be a mystical and divine blessing from the river gods, and while that is unlikely their beautiful presence was a joyful gift to us, and one that was ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – June 13, 2012

World Environment Day and World Ocean Day just slipped past you. Shame you missed it really, because these are two of the most important reasons why Bali is so utterly adorable to so many. So what is the latest news? Incredibly inspiring, wonderful, brilliant bunches of people all over the island, lovingly contribute so much time to campaigning, organizing, petitioning and educating the Balinese and visitors about ways to protect this exquisite environment. They are grassroots, NGO’s, private businesses, individuals and include Balinese, Indonesians, and literally people from all over the world. We love & thank you all! xox And ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – May 30, 2012

But love has pitched his mansion in the house of excrement Willy Butler Yeats. So many loving feelings for Bali, so much sh*t everywhere!!! Bali needs some super heroes to save its sorry looking eco butt. Super heroes are never the politicians, so Bali is reliably safe from breaking any super hero genre rules there. Super heroes do generally seem to be handsome entrepreneurs (surely plenty of those around these parts!) or cute brilliant scientists (do marine biologists count?). And as far as mythical gods are concerned Bali has the super hero market cornered with apparently 330 million of them ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – May 16, 2012

WE LOVE A GREEN DESIGNER! Bali is a truly a delicious campur of designers from all over the world. Refreshing to the eyes is Bali Style Mag’s feature on green designers with plenty of home grown talent. This includes one of THE original architects on the island Popo Danes who has received awards for environmental efficiency in his designs and Gede Kresna owner of Java Antique House, Antique Architecture and House of Terracotta; a lover of architectural conservation ideas. WE LOVE ORGANIC! Desperately looking for some organic produce, grow your own from organic seed supplied by the IDEP Foundation. 17000rp ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – May 02, 2012

EARTH DAY Earth Day has just passed with 1 billion pledges to act green occurring across over 190 countries. With pledges to plant more trees, walking to work, and using less plastic being the more obvious choices, one person made the commitment to break up with his girlfriend because she refused to recycle. That’ll teach her! Go to to make your pledge. HOW LONG? Thankyou to Indonesia Organic for this sobering view: THE GREENEST OF THEM ALL A truly wonderful and deserving congratulations to Green School for receiving the 2012 Greenest School on Earth Award! It’s a big ol’ ... [ Read More ]

Eco Buzz – April 18, 2012

HANGING AT HOME These Easter holidays I am going on a staycation. It means no agonizing over mystery destinations, unseen hotel rooms, internet bookings and forget packing. It won’t take a minute to get there and of course I’ll have everything I need when I do. Further more I don’t have to feel lazy or an uninspiring bore because I’ve decided I am just going to kick about in my home town; what I am doing has a name, and that pretty much makes it official in my eyes. So as I loll about on my well deserved staycation I ... [ Read More ]