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“HOT SPOTS” a common skin problem for dogs in Bali

Hot Spots are definitely in the top 10 most frequent issues for dogs coming to Sunset Vet. The hot and humid Bali climate is the perfect environment for this canine skin problem to thrive. Hot spots can occur in any breed, but Golden Retrievers seem to get them most often, followed by Rottweilers and other large breeds. Bali Dogs rarely suffer from this problem as they have evolved to adapt to the climate through natural selection. Also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis or Moist Eczema, Hot Spots can seemingly appear spontaneously anywhere on a dogs body and the area involved ... [ Read More ]

How YOU can give back to your Bali Community

Many of us come to Bali for a vacation. Some come to help with social causes.  Even more come for personal growth. Bali has over 3 million visitors each year.  All these people bring energy, creativity, and the knowledge to this beautiful island.  If you are one of these people, you can take the opportunity to help the local people here who really do need some help. These are people who you may never have seen while you travel around the island.  Because even though Bali looks like a rich island filled with wealthy hard working people, there are many pockets of desperately poor Balinese ... [ Read More ]


STREPTOCOCCUS SUIS Many of you may have seen the warnings regarding the  consumption of locally produced pork recently. The warning concerns particular bacteria, the Streptococcus Suis. This nasty little character can cause Meningitis (brain infection) in humans. Human infection by Strep. suis occurs mainly in adults. It is transmitted through direct contact and often related to exposure through wounds on the skin while handling of the infected pigs or pork. Consumption of raw or undercooked pork is also a concern. S. suis infection can be treated              effectively with antibiotics.   High-risk groups People at risk include pig breeders, abattoir workers, meat processing and transport workers, butchers, and cooks. People ... [ Read More ]

Soemantri Widagdo: Promoter of Balinese Artists

Soemantri Widagdo was born in Pekalongan on the north coast of Java and his family moved to Jakarta when he was three. He was brought up a Catholic and was deeply influenced by Christ’s teachings. After graduating in 1974 from the Jesuit’s Kanisius College in Jakarta, Soemantri went on to receive a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung in 1981 and a Masters and Doctorate in 1991 at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey and the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. He worked as an engineer, researcher and educator throughout his professional career ... [ Read More ]

The Power of Prayer

As I travel through Mexico seeing and experiencing the ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins, wandering through the streets in Mexico City or lying on the beach in Playa del Carmen, I am moving deeper into my heart and feeling some old wounds surfacing that need my attention. Most of my life I have turned to prayer whether I’m happy or sad. It is the one constant in my life that keeps me connected to both my higher self and the Universe.  I have had a lot of time alone on this trip which has mostly been restorative and healing, but there have ... [ Read More ]

GM Tales and Concierge Encounters By Ines Wynn

The people who manage big hotel properties and attend to the quirks and eccentricities of their guests have many tales to tell. From unusual, extravagant, barely legitimate (or not) requests to questionable, weird and outrageous behaviors, the sky is not even the limit for the yarns they can spin and the anecdotes they can dish up.   But they are discrete and therefore a few of the story tellers in this article declined to be identified to protect the good name of the properties they represent. Some names are fictitious but the stories are real.Enjoy! Jerry1 is an affable American who has worked in ... [ Read More ]

March 29, 2017

PLN’s Best Day It was Nyepi yesterday (Mar. 28): Bali’s Silent Day. It is celebrated on the first new moon in March – at the same time as Indian Hindus mark their festival of Ugadi – and ushers in the Balinese New Year. It was then 1939 when we were again lawfully allowed to pop the kettle on to make a nice cuppa. On Nyepi day, as is now well known even by challenged Australian tourists and most Chinese whose package tour operators failed to remind them that they’d be confined to barracks, very little happens in Bali. The streets ... [ Read More ]

Natural Fertiliser

‘Dear Garden Doctor, I have a small plot with a lawn, frangipani, bromeliads, a lot of leafy border plants. I have a few pot plants and trying to grow tomatoes. What is the best fertiliser to use to give everything a kick along because I don’t think I have the best soil, and obviously I can’t replace it all in one hit. Thanks for the informative articles, keep them coming. Regards, Michael, Sanur.’   The best thing to do would be to improve the state of your soil by composting and incorporating natural organic fertilisers along the way. The health of the soil ... [ Read More ]

March 29, 2017

An Egg-stra Special Easter is in store @ Canggu Club Easter promises to be an ‘egg-stravaganza’ of fun at Canggu Club this year! Okay, okay…. all egg jokes aside, with an egg-citing (sorry!) line up of events and activities planned, it’s the perfect way to make the most of the long weekend. We hear Easter Bunny will be visiting from Thursday right through the weekend with treats for all the kids. Bali’s Biggest Sunset Bazaar kicks of Saturday 5pm through to 9pm. No need to troll the tourist strip to find a bargain, Canggu Club’s twilight Easter Bazaar will have ... [ Read More ]


Makes about 2 ¼ cups   I was fortunate enough to attend a Slow Food event at Locovor in Ubud. Of the many delicious dishes presented to us was Dukkah – a chopped nut and spice dip that was so delicious our table requested more.  I couldn’t wait to go home and make it. Traditionally in the Middle East, bread is dipped in olive oil and then into the nuts. You can also use raw veggies such as cucumbers, carrots zucchini, and bell peppers that are naturally moist, skipping the oil. Or sprinkle it on salads, soups, and steamed veggies.  I find ... [ Read More ]