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In the search for good investment returns emerging markets are often in the limelight. For those not too familiar with the terms perhaps I should start with a few definitions: Developed Markets: these include markets that have been active for a very long time, in some cases over a century. They are generally considered to include the biggest of them all, the US market, together with the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia. Emerging Markets: Basically much of Asia except Japan (although Hong Kong and Singapore are now closer to the developed category), Latin America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and parts ... [ Read More ]

May 10, 2017

A Lunch full of Magic (14 May) For lovers of Indonesian food this is going to be a massive hit.  Indonesia’s number one Molecular Gastronomy Chef Andrian Ishak and in house Chef Nic Vanderbeeken are teaming up to provide a magical collaboration like no other.  For those wondering exactly what Molecular Gastronomy is, it is a modern cooking technique that adds science to the art, made famous by Heston Blumenthal. Most standard kitchens recognise three main components to cooking: the social, artistic and technical; MolecularGastronomy also involves a limitless imagination and creative skill that are a real work of art.  It is easy ... [ Read More ]

The Indonesian Love Affair with Uniforms

  Uniforms: schools, universities, playgroups, kindergartens, gamelan groups, ngaben, pelebon, government employees, nurses, ceremonies. Old fashioned Compared with the West, Indonesia is still a very communal society. Sometime after World War II, perhaps initially in response to the communist paranoia in the cold war and then generally to military uniforms during the Vietnam War, Western society decided that it wanted to be “free”, and part of that freedom (in addition to all the consumption of illicit substances) was to show individualism through the way we dress (even though we all had the same sorts of bell bottoms, paisley shirts and ... [ Read More ]


Can you imagine having a boss that demands that you work seven days week, making up to forty trips a day traveling eight kilometers to and from hundreds of workstations? And not getting paid to provide people with fruit, vegetables, coffee, seeds, nuts, cocoa, cotton and oils? That’s exactly what a queen bee demands of her workers. She also supplies millions of dollars of agricultural services each year to humankind. Without the queen bee and her workers humans would soon run out of food. Albert Einstein said many years ago, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, ... [ Read More ]

May 10, 2017

Question: In about 6 months, I am planning on moving to Bali. My boyfriend wants to come along, but it looks as if it may be almost impossible for him to find work here. My family lives here, and I plan to live with them. My boyfriend is not cool with that; he’s pretty much said that he will consider me to be breaking up with him if I do this. But, I miss my family and feel as if he’s holding me back. He won’t commit to being monogamous, and though neither of us currently engages in relationships with other ... [ Read More ]

May 10, 2017

Mothers! …Move Away From the Kitchen!! Scrawled crayon messages of love bearing hearts and stick figures, clumsily wrapped coffee mugs and something that may have once resembled eggs on toast with a cold cup of tea……. As far as Mothers Day presents go, I’ve received all of these and more from my children and honestly, I’ve cherished every singe one, no matter how inedible! For many countries around the world, the second Sunday in May is a day we dedicate to Mums. It’s important to remember that maternal figures in our lives might not only be our biological mothers, but also step ... [ Read More ]


Ladies remember when you first began your romance and the fire was burning hot? Have the flames reduced to mere embers lately? You can rekindle the flames and once again be the star in your bedroom. Many women after giving birth, especially more than once find that the traditional Kegel exercises aren’t working as well as they used to, making sex less enjoyable for both partners. Now there’s a way to rejuvenate your vagina and tighten those muscles back to a pre-birth state. It’s with a relatively new technology using DIVA Tight Laser Rejuvenation. I know we often think of ... [ Read More ]


Recently someone on the Facebook Ubud Community page lamented the high cost of quinoa in Ubud. Judging from the responses, I was not alone in finding it remarkable that anyone would move to a small town in rural Indonesia and expect to find abundant, affordable food products from South America. Granted globalisation has created the expectation that everything is available everywhere, all the time. But should it be? Is it cost-effective, ethical or even sensible to buy a bag of quinoa that has traveled 17,000 kilometres instead of freshly harvested, chemical-free heritage rice that was grown just up the mountain?   ... [ Read More ]

May 10, 2017

Family ‘Inconsolable’ After Bali Death The mother of a young Australian who died in a scooter accident in Bali says her family is inconsolable and that the world will be a “poorer place without her”. Ella Knights, 26, was found by a passer-by lying face down in a gutter in Canggu, North Kuta, about 3am on Thursday. A Honda scooter was lying on its side a few metres away with its engine still running. The accident came just days before the Sydney resident was due to fly home on May 1, after travelling for more than two months. In a statement released ... [ Read More ]

Drought by Iwan Simatupang

For more than 100 years, the Indonesian government’s solution to overpopulation was the magic cure-all transmigrasi, first instituted by the Dutch in 1905. Transmigration involves relocating people from densely populated “inner islands” such as Java, Bali and Lombok to more sparsely populated Outer Islands like Kalimantan, Nusatenggara, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Papua. Under the massive program, millions of people were brought in to settle the country’s hinterlands. At its peak between 1979 and 1984, 535,000 families were relocated, an influx that had a major impact on the demographics of some regions. Set in the 1960s, Drought is the story of an ex-student, ex-soldier ... [ Read More ]