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Bali Advertiser Interview: Andre Gerard of Pascal Technologies

They say that water will be the treasured commodity of the new Millennium. Clean water supplies and access to them is fast becoming an essential service for many businesses and communities. One company is at the forefront in providing solutions and in this edition of Business Spotlight, we spoke with Andre Gerard from Pascal Technologies to find out more. P.T. Andre, can you tell us about PT’s background? P.T. I am an engineer with 30 years of experience, especially in automation and water treatment. I have worked for a number of large companies (industrial, oil and gas) in many countries ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Wayan Seda of Highway – Bali Consulting Services

Highway is one of those businesses in Bali with a reputation for being on the ball with professionalism and high standards, offering a number of services essential to expats, locals and tourists. Bali Advertiser caught up with Wayan Seda to find out more about how Highway is taking care of the legal needs of many.    B.A.  Wayan, Highway is a reputable name in Bali. Can you tell us how it all began? B.C. Over the world our island is now famous and we have gained leverage from this thanks to media like Bali Advertiser and the formidable growth of the ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Robert Pern of Husqvarna

Looking slick and fast, Husqvarna is making inroads, on the road, in Bali. These bikes certainly are tempting to the eye and Bali Advertiser spoke with Robert Pern to find out more about this exciting brand and how it rates against a strong competitive market. B.A. Robert, your bikes certainly turn heads. Can you tell us about Husqvarna’s journey into the Balinese market to date? H.V. Husqvarna Motor Indonesia first opened its doors in January 2010, and we now have eight dealerships throughout Indonesia. In our first year of trading we managed to become the ninth largest Husqvarna importer worldwide ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Charley Patton from The Yoga Barn

More than offering yoga, The Yoga Barn has enriched Bali’s wellness industry, creating many avenues for seekers of deeper meaning to explore, experience and change. Bali Advertiser caught up with Charley Patton to find out more about one of Bali’s leading wellness businesses. B.A. Charley, The Yoga Barn has now become almost an institution in Bali. What core principles have helped you succeed to date? Y.B. We are first and foremost a community center… a hub or gathering place for people of like mind to connect, and we are the kind of people that we attract; down to earth, humble, ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Hendra W Saputro of Bali Orange Communications (BOC)

Reliable communication services are now an essential need in Bali. From website design, web hosting, domain name registration, social media know-how; knowing who to turn to is paramount. One company continues to be at the forefront, leading Bali further into the technology era. In this edition of Business Spotlight, we spoke with Hendra W Saputro, Managing Director Bali Orange Communications (BOC) to find out more. BA. Hendra, can you tell us about Bali Orange’s background? BOC. BOC officially began in August 2013, but we’ve been developing websites since 2002. In the beginning we only focused on website development, registering domain ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Sylvia Lasarus of Metric Cabinetry

Modern interior cabinetry is an essential prerequisite to any property renovation or development. Design that’s appealing to the eye is one thing, but functionality and quality craftsmanship is what sets companies apart from each other. Metric Cabinetry is one company that has re-invigorated the Bali fitout and Bali Advertiser spoke with Sylvia Lasarus to find out more about Metric. B.A. Sylvia, your designs certainly look great. What measures do you take to ensure high quality functionality? M. C. All our cabinet panels are made by cutting-edge machinery, starting from the cutting of panels and drilling through the coating panel. All ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Benjamin Cans from Desjoyaux Pools

It wouldn’t quite feel like Bali without a pool of emerald or turquoise crystal clear water to wash off the tropical heat, and one company, in particular, has been providing both quality and stunning pools for Bali residents and tourists that are arguably without peer. In this edition of Business Spotlight, Bali Advertiser had a chat with Benjamin Cans of Desjoyaux Pools. B.A. Benjamin, Desjoyaux Pools has quite a distinguished history in the pool industry. Can you tell us a bit about your international roots? D.P. It all began in 1966 when Jean Desjoyaux, a builder by trade, built his ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser interview : Gill Wilson of GW Interiors

What began as word-of-mouth, soon gave way to an impressive portfolio of the who’s who of Bali. Cutting-edge Western trends, fused with exotic textures, epitomise the rich, yet progressive, culture of Indonesia. That is GW Interiors, enhancing the interior landscape of Bali, and we caught up with Gill Wilson to see how she continues to set the standard in Balinese interior style. B.A.  Gill, can you tell us how you first established yourself in Bali and what were the initial challenges you faced? G.W. When we moved to Bali, as I always have done in the past, I started decorating ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Desmond James of Sourcing Bali

With a plethora of traditional wares of all shapes and sizes, one can easily become overwhelmed with shopping for authentic Indonesian products whilst in Bali. Spread far and wide, trying to find what’s new, what’s very old, or simply searching for that piece that resonates, it’s close to an impossibility to come to Bali and know exactly who is doing what, and where. Thankfully, one company has taken the headache out of sourcing Balinese products and along the way, given something back to the local community. In this edition of Business Spotlight, Bali Advertiser caught up with Desmond James of ... [ Read More ]

Bali Advertiser Interview: Craig Beveridge, Founder of BIMC Hospital

Bali continues to raise its standard of living, and medical care is one essential service that is evolving with hospitals such as BIMC Hospital leading the way. In the past, if one had an accident in Bali, it was ‘get on the next plane out of the country’. Now, people are actually flying into Bali for medical treatments and BIMC Hospital is part of the emerging world-class medical market in Bali. Bali Advertiser spoke with Craig Beveridge to find out more about BIMC Hospital. B.A. Craig, Bali is really starting to move forward with health treatments and medical assistance. Can ... [ Read More ]