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By Marilyn


Deodorant Body odor is a perceived unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids – some say it is the smell of bacteria growing on the body, but it really is the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids. Every day we produce on average one litre of sweat. Our skin contains millions of glands, and it is some of these that produce sweat. When we are hot, active, nervous or stressed, our sweat glands are stimulated to produce more sweat. As sweat evaporates from our skin, ... [ Read More ]

Face Powder

Face Powder Face powder is the make-up artist’s best friend, as it can make your skin look really wonderful and is very versatile in its uses. It gives the skin a glow as well as makes it smooth. It has a lasting effort in comparison to foundations and moisturizers. It can be used as a finishing layer in makeup application, or it can be applied directly on bare skin without the accompanying foundation layers. You need two types of powder, a loose form at home, and a powder compact for your handbag. Whether you choose loose or pressed really depends ... [ Read More ]


Fragrance Nowadays, we are more likely to treat fragrance as an accessory, changing our perfume daily – or even more often – to suit our busy lives and shifting moods. Perfume is a scented liquid worn on the skin to impart a pleasant odor. Deciding on a signature scent comes down to personal preference, but it can still take time and too much choice can lead to confusion. There are several types of perfume that we can choose according to its strengths. This is in essence a breakdown on the differences among perfume oil, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, ... [ Read More ]


FOUNDATION Foundation is a skin colour cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skintone. The very best way to achieve a smooth and even complexion is to apply foundation before you do your eye makeup, cheeks or lips. Finding that right type of foundation will allow you to get the right coverage you need to for a flawless beautiful face. This article will help to find your best fit from various types of foundations. Liquid (or Cream) Foundation Liquid foundation is a basic term ... [ Read More ]

June 15

IT’S ALL ABOUT GETTING READY FOR ‘THE SEASON’! Time to shape up! otherwise you won’t want to dive into the pool or sit under an umbrella on the sand will you – exercise is now or…. just forget it!  start walking, try pilates (this is really the best activity for your posture) or get into that gym. Sunset Fitness on Sunset Road is super handy, when you are in the Seminyak area, a good spot prior to your shopping in Bali Deli?!!  it’s just around the corner, stop the car and walk on in. It’s a smaller gym, more attention ... [ Read More ]

May 18

AromA Spa Retreat revive – regenerate – renew So much has been written about Spa’s, but unless there really is a point of difference, what is there to write about. So the point I now raise is, most Spa treatments are usually a couple of hours maximum, however, you and I know that even when we are lying down, supposedly relaxing, the mind is still in a whirl thinking about whatever it is, true isn’t it, so surely it takes more than a few hours to ‘rid’ our minds of ‘our thoughts’ & RELAX?! So, how long does it take ... [ Read More ]

April 20

A number of new Spa’s have recently opened, (I can hear everyone say, “What another one”?) however, many do offer a point of difference, recently I wrote about, KarmaSpa@WaterbomPark, which is set amongst lovely lush foliage & water slides (and, you can’t hear the screams of delight from the patrons either!) another one that has recently opened in Sanur is AromA Spa situated on the ByPass, Sanur, (who have a very different story & will cover next month). All Spas offer a wide variety of treatments or menus, as they are termed, some are excellent, many are what I call ... [ Read More ]

Mar 23

A brand new Spa & salon to visit and just where do you think it is, Waterbom Park! There’s plenty of parking, walk up the ramp, into the lobby, on the        left – enter a blissfully, peaceful, cool & quiet space of another world, it’s the first Karma Day Spa that takes the concept of Wellness & Spa to a whole new level. Top marks to Karma for introducing affordable communal experiences for the entire market,(meaning the ‘family’) With a constant stream of daily arrivals set to enjoy water activities at Waterbom, these same people, can also enjoy a terrific ... [ Read More ]

Feb 23

A new state of the art fitness center & gym in Renon, makes sense, as there’s a real growing population in and around this area (remember, this is Consulate territory too!) as well, loads of government people, anyone who lives within a reasonable radius, that can get to the gym in relatively easy time, after work is probably best at this stage, as the gym opens at 8am (and for those who work, you are all probably sitting at your desks, right?) MARRAMBA FITNESS, it’s a massive space, with a high Wantilan pitched roof with numerous louvered windows for maximum ... [ Read More ]

Jan 26

I have recently been writing a little about Blogs (refer RT column, 12 Jan ‘11) so, lo & behold I actually found quite the perfect line to start my first Beauty Therapy column for the year. So, I happened to be blogging (my new found pastime) & found this line written in a blog named ‘Fashademic’ (check it out) written by a post-grad student, who may I add, is writing her doctorate on, style blogs?! (How times have changed!) The line, is a quote by the Australian Cancer Council –    “Sunburn is, skin cells in trauma” And, how right this ... [ Read More ]