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Taking care of your outer beauty and looking your best is important but looking after your inner health is vital. It’s very important to once a year check out what’s going on inside your body.  With the prevalence of breast cancer being the second highest cause of death in developed countries and first in developing countries among women, it’s vital to take steps to prevent succumbing to this fatal disease with preventative measures. If you’re over the age of forty having a yearly mammogram is important, especially if there is someone in your family history with breast cancer or you’re ... [ Read More ]


Recently I was invited to Victory Wellness Centre in Renon to try out a treatment.  I really had no idea what to expect and discovered after arriving that they specialize in one feature treatment. Bio-Living Cell (commonly known as BLC) Therapy, is an Australian patented treatment which can be used to improve inner health so it will be reflected in healthier skin and hair. Diana, the founder of Victory and BLC Therapy, almost developed skin cancer after being exposed to many harsh cosmetics and invasive procedures deemed ‘safe’ in the beauty industry. In desperation, Diana searched far and wide for a cure. She ... [ Read More ]


Each year I select some notable spas in Ubud that are known for their great massages. I was very impressed that all four spas offered a consultation form prior to a treatment which included drawings of the body that I could mark the areas that either needed more attention or should be avoided. It also asked what kind of pressure I preferred. The products they used were high quality and the staff spoke very good English. Plus the spas were exceptionally clean, offering beautiful views. After a 30 minute leisurely hike through the spectacular rice fields along the Campuhan ridge, ... [ Read More ]


The holiday season is upon us. There will be Christmas parties and dinners and then a week later it will be New Year’s Eve, which is always a big night out. Be it you’re going out for a romantic dinner with your partner or to a bash with hundreds of people, we all desire to look our best. It makes no difference if we’re a lady or a man. Everybody wants to look great for these special occasions. So what do you need to look fantastic?  Maybe a new frock and shoes.  What about your hair, nails, face and skin? The Shampoo ... [ Read More ]


The latest technology to hit Bali for skin resurfacing is Quanta 3D Laser with dual wavelength treatment at Cocoon Medical Spa. The 3D package includes PRP (plasma rich platelets) to stimulate collagen production and LED (red/blue) to soothe redness and the blue light is good for fighting acne. HOW DOES THE LASER 3D PACKAGE WORK? Fractional CO2 – this is one of the most effective treatments for renewing the skin without the side effects and pain of the conventional CO2 ablative laser treatments. The unique benefit of the Quanta laser is that it creates micro channels deep into the skin, ... [ Read More ]


Canggu has slowly transformed from tranquil rice fields to a now hip mecca of beautiful surf beaches, villas, trendy restaurants, yoga and beach clubs for surfers and sun worshippers. To keep yourself beautiful and attend to your beauty needs is MODLOV Salon, specializing in waxing and hair treatments. Located near the popular Pantai Batu Bolong is an unassuming salon front near Serenity Yoga retreat. It looks small from the front but I was surprised how spacious inside it is. Decorated with an interesting combination of modern furniture, planks of old painted boat wood and old fashioned photos on the wall, I felt immediately felt at home. The large first room is ... [ Read More ]


Aromatherapy has been in use for thousands of years since the ancient Egyptians for not only embalming but also for healing purposes. Indonesia is abundant in plants to extract the precious oils to make many essential oils.  Aromatherapy at home not only makes your house smell marvellous it has many therapeutic properties to alleviate headaches, sore muscles, deter annoying insects and boost your mood. TYPES of ESSENTIAL OILS You may have wondered why prices can vary so much for the same essential oil. It’s not the manufacturer or name brand that determines the price, but the quality of the oil. You may ... [ Read More ]


The most often asked question of me is: where’s a good place for massage? So each year I select some of the best places to go have an excellent massage. These are spas that are clean and the staff have been well trained. They also use good natural massage oil.   What should you look for? Thetherapist should ask if you have any areas that need attention or to be avoided. Theyshould also ask what kind of pressure you prefer – soft, medium or strong Yourmassage table should have fresh clean linen Youshould be given a locker or place to store your ... [ Read More ]


Last week I was spoiled by Max the charming master hairdresser of Spoiled Hairdressers on Umalas. Max ran his own successful salon in Holland for twenty-five years, at which point he felt he needed a break. He came to Bali for a sabbatical twelve years ago but after only six years he was lured back into the salon business and opened Spoiled. I had heard of this Dutch hairdresser that my friends raved about but had never gone to visit him. Feeling fed up with my hair and ready for a change, I thought it was time to finally meet this guy. ... [ Read More ]


A new option is available for great dental care at Rejuvie Dental Clinic. They opened their new clinic earlier this year with dentists, Dr. Fachrun and Dr. Andika, both with five years experience.   There are two rooms set up on the top floor and fully equipped with the latest technology for dental care, which includes Apical x-ray that enables the dentist to take x-rays of several teeth at one time. This allows the dentist to not only see the problem tooth but the surrounding areas as well. I went in the other day to have my teeth checked to experience their ... [ Read More ]