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Goodbye and thank you

Hello to all my loyal readers. This column has been running for almost 12 years now. Since 5 March 2003 and over 225 articles! I have covered everything from computer short-cuts and hints for your PC to how to set up a company on the internet. I have received hundreds of emails from you, over these years, and always tried to answer them quickly and accurately. Some were simple and easy to answer, while some were impossible for me to solve. But times change. In 2003, there was no Twitter and no Facebook. There was no Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth. ... [ Read More ]

Hardware reviews whats new and whats good

Here is 2014’s latest and greatest computer hardware to make your computer life easier than ever before. Huge hard drives; incredible monitors; lightweight but powerful laptops; new CPUs; amazing video cards; water coolers; and more. I’ve tried to find good prices for many of the items listed below, but shop around. I used for most of these prices. Processors • High-end Processor (CPU): Intel 3.0GHz Core i7-5960X (Haswell-E). 8 Core, 20MB cache. You will need a socket 2011-v3 mobo and DDR4 Ram! US$1,022 • Mid-Range Processor (CPU): Intel 4GHz Core i7-4790K . Best for the money! Does need DDR4 ... [ Read More ]

How great are Dual Monitors

How great are Dual Monitors? Dual Monitors: Good Reasons to Upgrade If you’ve ever wished for a bigger computer screen, here’s an even better idea. Use a dual monitor (or multi monitor) setup to extend your desktop across two or more screens. Both Windows and Mac computers have the ability to simulate one BIG screen using a dual or multi monitor configuration. Adding a second monitor will be cheaper than upgrading to a super-size screen, and there are other advantages too. I’ve used two monitors on my PC for many years. My system has 19 inch AND 13 inch flat-panel ... [ Read More ]

Is your computer running too hot

Overheating – it’s enemy number one Signs of Overheating – And What To Do I just got a new computer game that really uses the CPU to create all the fabulous visuals. However, after about 10 minutes I can feel the heat! Electronic components in your computer and other devices generate heat. The harder they work, the more heat they generate. But heat is the mortal enemy of all things electronic. So it’s important to be alert to temperature spikes in your computer, and take steps to cool it down when necessary. How can you tell if your computer is ... [ Read More ]

All-In-One computers & Top Scams

Is an AIO Right For YOU? OK, what the heck is AIO? All-In-One! All-in-one computers look great, but concerns about expandability, repairability and price have kept many people away. But in the past two years, concerns about expandability have diminished, as hardware costs have fallen and everything one could possibly want comes bundled in one slim box at an affordable price. You just might not need a huge case with lots of empty bays and slots anymore. You may think that Apple pioneered the all-in-one computing genre with the iMac G3 in 1998. But actually, the first all-in-one computer was ... [ Read More ]

Save Time and Money with Alternatives to Printing

Put Down that Cartridge and Back Away Slowly From the Printer Printing is a habit, and it can be a costly one. We print documents, emails, bills, receipts, photos and other types of files. All of these things come to us in digital form, so the trick is to realize that converting them to paper just makes it harder to manage and find them later. Many things are printed for record-keeping purposes. But the best record-keeper available may be your email server. Instead of printing a Word document or PDF, email a copy to yourself, and Gmail (or whatever email ... [ Read More ]

Demystifying the backup process

The apparently simple task of backing up one’s data is not so simple when you start reading advertisements and reviews of backup software. “It does full, partial, and incremental backups; mirrors and clones disk drives…” Let me take these terms and explain them all in plain English for you. Making a Backup: Options and Terminology What do all these buzzwords mean, and what kind of backups should you being doing? If you’re confused about backups, you’ll find this article helpful. Let’s start by explaining some common types of backups, without the techie words. A “full backup” is also called a ... [ Read More ]

Tablets vs. laptops

Ok, so your laptop is getting a little old: Should you buy a new laptop or make your friends jealous and try out one of these new tablet computers? Well, it all depends on what you want to do with it. It’s still the case that laptops and smaller netbook computers are tuned for production — word processing, e-mailing, number-crunching, more complicated tasks that often require a lot of text and switching among several windows running different applications at the same time. Tablets, lacking a mouse or DVD drive, are better for tasks that have simpler tactile and visual elements ... [ Read More ]

Ten tips for data privacy

Here are ten tips for data privacy There are people and companies out there (and maybe even government agencies) that are always looking for personal information about you, your business, your family, etc. This information is valuable to them in many ways. The usual way is they obtain your information (full name, birthday, mother’s name, wife’s name, kid’s names, place of birth, etc. and then sell it! This information has value! But with a little knowledge and common sense on your part, you can keep them ignorant of your information. Here are 10 things you can and should be doing ... [ Read More ]

Strange noises coming from your computer? And find lost serial numbers.

What’s that strange noise? Much like with your car or motorbike, when a computer starts to make random or weird noises, you should not ignore them. Imagine how expensive your repair bills would be if you ignored signs of problems and just drove until it broke down! Unfortunately, most computer users do just that; run it until it crashes or dies! This bad habit is why most computer repair bills can become very expensive, especially if critical data needs to be retrieved, so never ignore strange noises coming from your computer. The cause of the noise can be something as ... [ Read More ]