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Artisans – April 06, 2011

So many Artisans, where does one go, you will find them everywhere in Bali, all you need to do is look around. And, they are not necessarily situated out in the countryside but here in town, close to all the shopping action! What you need is to have the interest (but of course you have the interest otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this column) you need some time, you need some cash, (as many Artisans don’t have credit card facilities) and you need to walk or drive around, stopping at will. It’s the best shopping experience you can have, seeing ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – March 09, 2011

SADUS TILES – simply the best in the business! It’s hard to believe that handmade tiles, made in Bali, are being exported to countries like – France, Italy, Mexico & the USA to name some. It’s also interesting to note that these countries that have their own glorious tile industry are making a beeline to Bali, buying up in quantity, our own unique tiles for export. Once again Bali features high on the list for producing top quality product, and to know that there are thousands of people around the globe that have become so enamored with Made in Bali ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – February 09, 2011

Another year and always think it a good idea to offer you a summary of particular stores, showrooms & factories that have become reliable favorites. So to recap, here are a handful of popular Artisans that continue to do a sterling job producing handcrafted product – from furniture, furnishings & unique gifts, to a fine piece of soap & beeswax candles, fresh & exciting ceramic-ware, lighting ideas to glassware, to a journal that is crafted from re-cycled paper product. Which all means that you don’t have to take a trip off the island to shop nowadays, it’s all right here ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – January 12, 2011

IS THERE A PRODUCT THAT BALI CAN’T CREATE? It’s totally amazing that this small island is home to numerous & dedicated artisans that craft & produce product as diverse as – fashion, furniture, homewares & food.  However, I have recently discovered another product that can be made here in Bali, and it’s PERFUME! So, if you are looking for a fragrance that truly reflects your personality, now is your chance to craft your own tailor made perfume, your perfect accessory to wear in 2011! Let me tell you the story, as I feel the art of making perfume is such ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – October 20, 2010

Bet you were wondering when I would take on the challenge of writing about furniture. And frankly, furniture in its many guises, is the life-blood of the retail business in Bali, particularly, in terms of ‘filling up a container’ for export.  There are hundreds of factories, warehouses, stores, all crying out for customers, everywhere one turns, your eyes alight on yet another synthetic rattan chair, sofa, or a mound of teak. So, a good start would be to cover what was then, a small artisan company that commenced business back in 2002, and which is now, a sizable furniture manufacturer ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – September 22, 2010

In recent months I have reviewed a couple of ceramic operators, a glass blower, a candle maker and a  recycled paper company,  it seems obvious that our Bali artisans do live on! Now read about another popular artisan who manufactures soap, a company that started out not that many years ago and now, has grown his business with good representation in a number of popular retail haunts. REPUBLIC OF SOAP – I do like this soap, it suds up so well and brings us 100% goodness Some people love soap, have drawers full of it, various colors & shades, regular ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – August 25, 2010

From ceramics reviews over the past few months to re-cycled paper, the artisan lives on! Read further about a fine example of a small business that has gone from strength to strength, just 15 years from inception and have ‘hit’ the big-time! SARASWATI PAPERS fifteen years old & getting stronger! The Balinese believe the Hindu Goddess Saraswati personifies the arts, beauty, truth & knowledge in all its forms. She is associated with the best in human culture: poetry, literature, rituals, & rational communication between individuals, and so, Saraswati Papers was born. And Saraswati, has achieved their goal! – with fifteen ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – July 28, 2010

Many of us know of Jenggala Ceramics, a good example of an original ‘Artisan of Bali’ who commenced working from a small shed in the Batujimbar Estate, Sanur, many years ago & now has a huge organization based in Jimbaran, exporting ceramic product to the world.  Then there is the fashion savvy high-end designer, Gaya Ceramics & Design who work with one-off commissions for the luxe market (hotels, resorts, villas & plush stores) & have that enviable Italian style & flair for their chosen craft. They have also created several workshops, ceramic retreats & residentials for enthusiasts to attend on ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – June 30, 2010

PLEASE NOTE: the Glass Age Exhibition that I wrote about in the Artisans of Bali, 2 June issue, was postponed, please contact Hanna for the latest information on the revised exhibition date, to be held in Jakarta. Horizon Glassworks, Hot Glass Gallery & Studio, Kengetan, Ubud, Bali.   T: 7804014 & HP: 081337051309 NOW, moving forward to a boutique candle manufacturing business that has already landed the prestigious United Nation’s UNESCO ‘Award of Excellence’ for one of their popular designs, ‘The Banana Leaf Collection.’  These quality luxe candles are mostly decorative, however affordable, and are some of the ... [ Read More ]

Artisans – June 2, 2010

RON SEIVERTSON is a super talented artisan who lives his dream, set within the rice fields of Ubud, Bali. Ron is fiercely passionate about his craft of ‘blowing hot glass’ for a living, creative glass work that takes immense concentration, determination & superior craftsmanship. Read on, there’s a story to tell…. Ron Seivertson is a hot glass artist & it’s ‘mind blowing’ what this guy can do, he lives ‘on the edge’ with such intense devotion to his craft. The ongoing challenges of the hot glass process drive him in his pursuit to create masterpieces. Living in Bali for five ... [ Read More ]