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Under the name ParacelsusAsia writer, journalist and long-time Asia hand,
Adrian Batten, takes a characteristically wry, humorous but always
staunchly consumerist, if not iconoclastic, look at life in general in his
column “Alternative Voice”.

About half the subject matter gives hard-hitting no-nonsense advise about
integrative medicine, various chronic conditions and personal wellbeing, a
subject he has researched and written about for well over a decade.

Diagnostics: Singapore vs. Hong Kong Lion City clear winner by cost & expertise

A good annual check-up is common sense at any age. Over 40 you’d be a fool not to, and at my age you almost deserve anything you get if you don’t. That said, do I follow my own advise? Foolishly I do not.   I’d lay odds that I’m not alone in this, particularly here in Bali where a relaxed attitude to such things is not unusual among foreign residents and local diagnostics hardly cutting edge. My wife, who has way more than her fair share of health challenges, needed a simple procedure, that normally requires an overnight hospital stay, and a check-up. ... [ Read More ]

Down My Gang & On My Bike

Any residual hankerings have been vanquished by the last  rainy season, which we survived, soggy but unbowed, with the aid of a succession of short-lived plastic tarpos and buckets of all shapes and sizes. Same goes for  geckos, of whom I was once fondly tolerant. They now seem to have reached  infestive proportions , even in our kitchen, which spurs  me to action – almost. They’ve pushed their luck too far and I’ve  actually considered offing them,  but they know I won’t,  so I keep meaning to botch up some ingenious trap made out of plastic water bottles with a tasty lure to catch and then release ... [ Read More ]

Tales of Hoffnung Computer woes & Municipal Concern

To remedy this all we can do is ask around for a steer and trust to luck. This can be a frustrating and costly experience. Bitter experience  shows that good initial research can save a bucket of tears down the pike. Such difficulties are by no means confined to the house, indeed when it comes to the services of professional consultants the need for effective cost-efficient advice can be critical. A bad choice here can hurt even more. In theory, when it comes to established professions, accountancy, the law and medicine say, you are protected by professional bodies devised to regulate these callings ... [ Read More ]

In Search of the Perfect Bali Avocado Don’t chuck the Stone – Eat it…

While the flesh of the avocado is indeed packed full with nutrients and healthy fats, you may be surprised to learn that over 70 percent of the total antioxidant concentration in avocados, which is what essentially makes them the superfood they are, is jam-packed into the seed. It is worth taking a second or longer look at this rather wonderful appearing object.  The pit or stone of any fruit is usually possessed of remarkable but not always tasty healing properties. In the case of the avocado and its stone, which are in fact botanically classified as a nut, the stone is ... [ Read More ]

Children acting up Inflight Entitlement alienates – Empathy only recourse

It is a truth pretty much universally acknowledged that as one advances into late middle age the more averse to loud and unnecessary noise one becomes, just as one becomes more set in one’s ways. In this at least I conform to my cohort. One of my small pleasures is to get out of my house mid-morning for what used to be called café au lait but nowadays when I ask evokes a blank look until I quickly amend my order to a flat white or latte. I’m never too sure about barrista nomenclature  but whatever best approximates to the cherished ... [ Read More ]

The Magus & the Educator 20th Century Icons for the New Millennium

   Now that we are well into the second decade of the new millennium we get a clearer idea of what’s important, what we will be bringing into the new century as essential building blocks and passes into history. Where now are those pillars of the 20th Century thought, Marxism and Freudianism that  dominated the politics, economics and intellectual life for the best part of the century? Where are the great men, the statesmen and soldiers, who bestrode the world like giants? With the passing of Fidel Castro they are gone. We shall not see their like again. Our media is too product ... [ Read More ]

The Orange – Best way to prevent Varicose Veins And a lot more besides…

As we age an awful lot of us are going to get varicose veins along with small split or thread veins around our feet  and ankles. It starts when we are quite young and is usually unsightly but painless. We tend to ignore the condition until it becomes a real problem, by which time it can be a lot harder to deal with. It doesn’t happen often but if left, varicose veins or Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) can progress from leg ulcers, to amputation, gangrene and death. So while you may have lots of time to address it and it may not hurt, ... [ Read More ]

“Women in Bali” Bruna Rotunno’s entrancing collection as book

Chairman Mao it was who, back in 1954, declared that “women hold up half the sky”. He backed up his words with the legislation to prove it making women effectively equal with men under the law in China from that day forward. More recently Michelle Obama observed that “no country can ever fully flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contribution of half its citizens.” In the 60 odd years that have elapsed since Mao’s ringing declaration, which brought genuine emancipation to upwards of half a billion women in the People’s Republic of China and Michelle Obama’s ... [ Read More ]

Beanz Meanz Health

The humble Mung Bean is Big Medicine In terms of health the expression “good things come in small packages” is certainly true of the mung bean. With its potent combination of nutrients, the mung bean provides an impressive defense against several of the major chronic, age-related diseases that afflict us today and which include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. The Mung Bean’s Tale Archeological evidence shows that mung beans (Vigna radiata) were domesticated in India as early as 1500 BC before spreading throughout Asia and finally to Europe and the United States. Their medicinal properties, such as protection against heat stroke, and high nutritional content have been valued for centuries. ... [ Read More ]

WHO warns of Global TB epidemic More deadly due to anti-drug resistant strains, say experts

In a dramatic turnabout the World Health Organisation (WHO) strongly criticised what it called the “dismal” response of world  governments, who had pledged to eradicate Tuberculosis (TB) the most deadly infectious disease on the planet by 2013. In a long overdue but hard-hitting report published earlier this month the WHO stated that over 1.8 million people had died in 2015 as a result of TB.  The figures show the disease is a lot more common than previously thought. The WHO estimated there were 9.6 million cases in 2014, but it put the rise down to better recording in India, where TB is a ... [ Read More ]